Meet Rockstar Goosyloosy: Originally known as Almayehu Nigussie

Meet Rockstar Goosyloosy: Originally known as Almayehu Nigussie

It is no coincidence that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity over the past few decades. Even the most rigid individuals seem to be swayed by the catchy rhythms, enchanting melodies, and complementary sound additions of this music.

While EDM music made a big splash a few years ago, it’s actually a movement that’s been gaining traction in underground music scenes since the 1980s.

If you are a music lover, there’s no doubt you might have some favorite EDM artists. It is not strange that the list includes the name Goosyloosy. The artist we’re talking about is the new sensation in the EDM industry and he is rapidly becoming a recognized name for every EDM lover. Even if you are not an EDM fan, you might be enthralled with his magic. With his amazing ability to compose sensational groovy music, he has garnered a great deal of attention.

The crowds at music festivals adore his outstanding compositions and talents. Recently, he performed at Thunder Beats, an extraordinary music festival. In addition to playing concerts, Gooseloosy has already been booked for various music festivals.

Goosyloosy, is known for opening for a number of industry heavyweights. His performance starts off with an opener that gets the crowd going, and that’s precisely what he does.

The artist plans on touring around the world and bringing in top headliners for his fans in the future.

He has always been fascinated and passionate about music throughout his life. He began his career as a DJ approximately two years ago. Currently, he’s putting the finishing touches on his musical project.

Currently, the Goosyloosy team is producing a brand-new single that is expected to be a huge success. We’ll be hearing about the new single soon. Isn’t that exciting?

In the future, Goosyloosy’s music will reach new heights as his excitement, drive, passion, and expertise bring it to new heights and draw his fans in for years to come. If you are a fan of Electronic Dance Music, then check out Goosyloosy’s Instagram account. Take a look at his amazing music here and find out more about him.

His other social media accounts include Facebook, YouTube, and Apple Music. You can keep an eye on the new music by following him on all social media sites.

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