“Drip Drip” by The duo of brothers’ latest release is gaining rage.

“Drip Drip” by The duo of brothers’ latest release is gaining rage.

A Navy veteran, PBE Pluto aka Brent Parker formed a music duo with his brother Dekembi Parker(Kid Kembi) and concurrently they have undertaken many singles like ‘Get Low’ and hit mixtape “Da Future”. As PBE Pluto’s latest sole with his brother “Drip Drip” has crossed over 200k views on YouTube, over 150k streams on Soundcloud, and across-the-board they have over 20k monthly admirers on Spotify.com. The duo is also toiling on a few solo projects, and PBE Pluto will soon be disclosing his single “Soak Up The Drip”.

PBE Pluto is also scheduling to commence a non-profit organization “Drip Association” through which he will be supervising a committee to go in schools and organizations to authorize the youth. In extension, PBE Pluto also owns a clothing label called “XROSSED-KULTURED” requesting a variation of apparel attitudes. The label is flourishing high with their newly released song and it’s phenomenal to set how they are getting huge fame.

Earlier, the duo was intially acknowledged as Pluto & Kid Kembi but they are now gearing up to release upcoming projects and content under the name “PBE”. Their single “Get Low” reaped trending status on Spotify and Twitter. Inspired by the great acknowledgment of their fans, the duo undertook a mixtape called “DA Future” follow up single set to release off the mixtape labeled “Lil Mama”.

He has opened shows for artists like Young Jeezy, Webbie, Lil Phat, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane among others. His previously launched single “Turnt Up 2 da maximum” featuring Rello was also a hit, even though it was initiated initially as song placement in the national TV ad campaigns for networks like Comedy Central, BET, VH1, and CNN.

Coming with the richness and elegance of his music he is going on the blissful path of opportunities. But his lyrical excursion made him a remarkable composer of the era with huge fan following and tremendous knowledge thus, we wish him all the best for his future.

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