TCG Takeover: Women Reign Supreme with Tiny Shiny Collectibles

TCG Takeover: Women Reign Supreme with Tiny Shiny Collectibles

In an industry historically dominated by men, a group of trailblazing women is carving out their space and making waves. Tiny Shiny Collectibles, founded by Mélia Lisette and Kelsey Ceco, along with Randi Johnson and Lauren Analla, is not just a company; it’s a movement empowering women in the Trading Card Game (TCG) world.

Since its inception in February 2024, Tiny Shiny Collectibles has been on a meteoric rise, challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers. The company’s primary focus? Drawing attention to the invaluable contributions of women in TCG, a realm often overlooked in discussions about diversity and representation.

“We wanted to create a platform where women can thrive and be celebrated in the TCG community,” explains Mélia Lisette. “The love and support from the TCG community means the world to us. We could not be more blessed to continue to do what we love while promoting women in the TCG ‘Rip and ship’ industry.”

Trading Card Games (TCG) are tabletop pastimes where players assemble decks of cards featuring characters, creatures, spells, and more. Players engage in strategic battles, using their decks to outwit opponents and secure victory. Examples include Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TCG, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, which boast active tournament scenes and enthusiastic player communities.

Their dedication and passion have not gone unnoticed. Despite being a relatively new player in the field, Tiny Shiny Collectibles has already secured a spot at the prestigious Los Angeles Comic Con, a testament to their rapid ascent and growing influence.

“As someone who’s been a part of the convention community for years, it’s a dream to be able to run things on our terms,” says Kelsey Ceco. “It’s a chance to amplify our message and inspire more women to pursue their passions fearlessly.”

But their impact extends beyond conventions and trade shows. Through their engaging content on TikTok, where they can be found under the handle @Tinyshinycollecti, and individual accounts like @Melialisette, @coovy5, @yourgirlanallaaa, and @kitpx, they’re reaching a global audience and sparking conversations about gender equality and representation in gaming.

As they continue to defy expectations and challenge norms, one thing is certain: the future of TCG is looking brighter and more diverse, thanks to the fearless women of Tiny Shiny Collectibles.

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