Zale Mortgage Radiates Mortgage Professionals Towards Profitable Future

Zale Mortgage Radiates Mortgage Professionals Towards Profitable Future

Zale Mortgage saw rapid growth after radiating mortgage professionals towards a profitable future with the Lending Authority™. The cogs that formed Zale Mortgage were tested across Zale’s network of systems responsible for 1,100 customers closing 8,000+ deals that would generate a whopping $52+ million in client revenue. Making the positive response no shock when Zale Mortgage launched – hosting their system the Lending Authority™ to make lenders, officers and brokers “lending authorities”. In plain English, the best there is, the go-to, the creme de la creme in your perspective field. The name itself is appealing, the contents even more so.

The I.N.C. featured Zale handles three components of front end marketing for mortgage professionals, lead generation, qualifying, and staying top of mind. The goal: Make closing deals for you as seamless as possible. They generate high-quality appointments for refi & purchase loans on your behalf, then ping you through a notification to call for the close. Notifications have never sounded so sweet. Earlier mentioned were cogs, which turn the machine, Lending Authority™, begin with their trademarked In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™. Zale Mortgage scan and grasp hold of motivated customers actively looking at your competitors or for a local officer, lender or broker. One of which ways they achieve this result is via classic digital advertising—Facebook ads, Youtube ads, what works. With Facebook holding 2.91 billion users at the time of writing, it’s a gold mine if you can mine it. Zale, a premier marketing partner of Google, Facebook marketing partners, and Linkedin pro finders, can mine it. But it comes at the cost of a one-time service fee. For a one-time fee, Zale will mine leads and deals for you across social media through their skilful advertising, whereas other agencies require a rolling monthly retainer.

For the second cog, we have Zale’s qualifying standards, high standards. Zale Mortgage promises qualified leads based on credit, budget & timeframe with the added option of you determining the benchmarks of a quality lead, so you’re dealing with only the highest quality of prospects fit to meet your standards.

Finally, staying top of mind. Every high-quality lead that gets directed to your phone enters Zale’s very own pre-eminent customer relationship manager that allows for laser-accurate tracking and follow-up until the prospect closes.

All that’s left for you to do is cash in on closing.

Derek Robins

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