Why I chose Brave as my Chrome browser replacement

Why I chose Brave as my Chrome browser replacement

What makes me choose choosing Brave as my browser after years of using chrome as my go-to is that the mere incontrovertible fact that now most of the competing browsers are built on an equivalent structure, Open source chromium, then is Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and Microsoft. this suggests that these browsers can support an equivalent chrome extensions, provides an equivalent great performance and in some cases, even faster than Google Chrome. All the places where Safari or Firefox may need slipped, brave have taken a whip hand there too. I’m a cheerful user of brave.com and I’ll brief you on why.

Google Chrome features a lot of features that kept us glued thereto, a bit like it’s convenient saving of passwords function. It automatically saves your data and auto-fills per your requirement, whenever you visit the location. This even allows you to transfer your passwords on other devices, using an equivalent email or browser, which might be a touch unsafe. What you would like may be a safe password manager or a good safer option like Fingerprint or encoding authentication, like brave has got to offer.


It’s always a hassle to match browsers in terms of everything, especially speed and performance. After elongated research, and investing my precious time to relate them with my real-world tasks, I chose Brave, over Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Vivaldi, the highest five options on Apple’s mac.

Vivaldi and Chrome were somewhat similar, however, chrome was a touch bit faster in its performance, It even hung once I opened tons of tabs, Firefox must work thereon bugs, because it really affects the internet’s performance and gets annoying. So far Chrome was the simplest browser, till I used Brave. It had been tangibly faster than Chrome and even had no ads, throughout my use. Safaris issue was that it refused to incorporate favicon my favorite sites and alter the font size, which still bothers me, so choose wisely, that’s my advice to you. You can try brave browser for windows 10 for best web experience it’s work perfectly.

Brave is defiantly privacy and a speed improvement on my behalf, and that i was rather prompt and subtle in ditching chrome soon. It’s an over-all win-win situation on behalf of me. I even saw tons of added security checks like Captchas, that I assumed as brave’s track blocking behavior, which I didn’t receive while using chrome. If you inquire from me, I personally liked being more secured and about how the browser addressed my privacy concerns. This might become a touch annoying at some point, but it comes with no cost. That’s only one downside to the present switch.

In my opinion, Google chrome and Brave both stand at a really reputable standing on behalf of me , however, you can download brave browser you still has leverage here as it’s new within the market, still performing on upgrading its features, and is comparatively faster, which is completely amazing. If you inquire from me whether switching is worthwhile, my answer would be definitely a yes, but again it depends on what you’re watching, sort of a browser.

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