How Giovanna Silvestre is Changing the Game for Women’s Activewear

How Giovanna Silvestre is Changing the Game for Women’s Activewear

Giovanna Silvestre is a popular travel blogger and founder of the unique yoga wear brand “Confused Girl in the City”. As an influencer Giovanna has worked with some of the biggest global brands including T-Mobile, Vitamin Water, Coca-Cola, Target, Walmart, Skinny Cow, Skype,, Bigelow Tea, Crocs, Lindt Chocolate, Audi, Vaseline and many more. After a radical internal awakening six years ago, Giovanna was inspired to start an international yoga wear brand that empowers the modern female warrior to find her true nature. Now, with a full collection of yoga apparel, she has been featured on VH1, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Silicon Beach Magazine and on the cover of LA Yoga. She is currently writing “Seven Things Every Confused Girl Should Do” from her Bali balcony overlooking the rice fields.

What is Confused Girl? 

Confused Girl is building the bridge between spirit and apparel. All of our designs are inspired by a different healing crystal. I create the designs by taking high resolution photos of crystals that inspire me and working with an art team to print them onto fabric. The healing crystals balance yin/yang energy and cultivate courage, creativity and healing. Our leggings are 4-way stretch, breathable and made in the USA and Europe. We pride ourselves in using the best quality fabric on the market.

What are some sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are? 

I had to give up a lot of little luxuries to start my business. I have given up my gym membership, cable tv, dinners out and shopping altogether. I was only wearing the clothes I made for the first 3 years.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? 

 One of my former interns was in Munich, Germany and messaged me that she had just seen a girl bike past her in our Simplicity leggings.

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