NRomo Beauty- your one-stop destination for all lip care needs

NRomo Beauty- your one-stop destination for all lip care needs

Natalie Romo is a well-known beauty mogul who has proved her worth multiple times as a beauty
entrepreneur and guru, hairstylist and performer. She has been passionate about beauty since her
childhood days and wished to create a beauty line of her own someday. Thus, she pursued
cosmetology at the Regency Beauty Institute located in Arizona after graduating from high school.

Throughout her higher studies, her passion for beauty intensified after she learned how beauty
products and services uplifted people’s self-confidence. After years of studying and garnering
experience, she launched NRomo Beauty which went on to become immensely successful. “I learned
about the importance of self-care and have brought that wisdom with me into my new venture,
NRomo Beauty. This experience also opened up many opportunities that have allowed me to get to
where I am today”, Natalie further stated.

Natalie carefully analysed the beauty market and identified several voids in the lip care market which
is why she came up with the idea of a brand completely dedicated to it. Their products’ primary area
of focus is hydrating the lips and preventing ageing such as fine lines and feathering. If you wish to
have soft and plump lips with long-lasting hydration and protection, NRomo is your destination.

Natalie, along with her team of cosmetology experts, invested a lot of time and effort in the formula
making process. It was decided to keep everybody in mind. “The beauty about starting your own line
is that it gives you the ability to reach more than just one person at a time”, said Natalie.

Besides being a talented cosmetologist, Natalie has also proved to be an exceptional dancer and
actress. She has been a part of the dance crew of famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and
Ariana Grande. Besides this, she also acted in the 7th franchise of Fast and Furious. She claimed that
the energy she felt on the movie set enabled her to pursue professional acting classes. Even though
Natalie has achieved heights of success in such a short span, her journey has not been an easy one
especially because she started her business during the devastating pandemic. One of the major
setbacks was not being able to meet the manufacturers in person. However, she was able to
overcome every hurdle with her fierce motivation, dedication and hard work.

Connect with her on Instagram if you wish to know more about NRomo beauty and wish to stay
updated on its products:

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