Jonathan Kung has reached massive heights of success in the health industry.

Jonathan Kung has reached massive heights of success in the health industry.

It is important to associate yourself in life with individuals with the same intent and motivation believes Jonathan.

One thing is to have a certain purpose in life, but it is a totally different thing to achieve success by pursuing several different facets of a specific field of expertise. People are commonly found to be chasing behind only one clear goal in life, while there are many others who indulge in trying everything to finally achieve their destination and become a resounding success. Similar is the story of a young entrepreneur, named Jonathan Kung, who trains like an athlete to find joy and personal balance in his life

Jonathan is an advanced interventional endoscopy qualified entrepreneur, speaker, athlete, and board certified gastroenterologist, currently an assistant professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan. He provides his patients and the individuals he encounters on social media with great support and advice. He urges them not to get derailed by distractions or unpleasant people, but to concentrate on their career aspirations. In fact, he makes it a habit to encircle himself with people who are supportive and optimistic, just as his parents were to him.

Jonathan gives credit to his parents for encouraging him to explore his ambitions and possibilities in life. “My parents have been self-made. They built everything they’ve got from scratch. It is their hard work that has given me the opportunity to attend college and concentrate on academics, pursue new things, and still have a home base for recalibration and support. Before working their way up and launching their present careers, my dad worked as a doorman and my mom played piano for a ballet for many years.” He says he could never compensate his parents for their support and encouragement.

Jonathan has more than 70k followers on Instagram. Social media networks have provided him with an international forum to express his knowledge and thoughts to people worldwide. He likes to meet new people across the globe that he’d never met before. He enables them not only to understand their true interest, but also to realise their full potential.

Jonathan is far more than the ordinary gastroenterologist. He’s a great success story for America. His history shows that, if a person is working hard to resolve obstacles, they can do whatever they want in their life. The only key to success is to learn how to relieve tension and overcome obstacles.

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