5 Best Practices for Managing Sensor, Mobility, and Field Data

5 Best Practices for Managing Sensor, Mobility, and Field Data

Warehouses, offices, and field locations are becoming a complex blend of sensors, barcode scanning, and electronic polling, in an attempt to capture the sea of data that flows around valuable parts, equipment, infrastructure, and assets.  Here are 5 best practices for managing sensor, mobility, and field data collection deployment:

  1. DISCOVERY: Find your perfect mix of sensors, IoT, network polling, and other available forms of field data collection – so that you have maximum coverage of equipment, assets, parts, infrastructure, and any other stuff you might want to keep tabs on.
  2. PERSONALIZATION: For each employee who contributes via their specific role, create personalized data forms that have been designed for their role and each of their specific tasks. 
  3. OPTIMIZATION: Consider the overall workflow and only collect data relevant for the task at hand, use conditional logic for ease of use, intelligently hide fields that can be skipped based on previous answers
  4. VALIDATION:  Reconcile and purify data as it’s collected so it can be easily corrected.
  5. INTEGRATION:  Now that you have pure data, make sure the ERP, OSS, BSS, WMS, BI, and other connected back office systems get it too.  Having this accurate, real-time, and COMPLETE data view requires integration with the purified data that is being validated in the middle.  Everybody can see the big picture.  Everybody wins.

Jami Oster, CEO of Fulcrum Technologies, has perfected that “big picture” ability with the release of Siteline, a 2021 asset tracking and management industry darling adopted by many Fortune 500 size companies.

With Siteline’s mixture of data collection, data reconciliation, and (collaborative) business integration, they can develop collaborative, transparent, mature data relationships between Finance, Operations and Network Engineering.  These symbiotic data relationships can result in a (stunningly) high ROI to give any organization distinct operational competitive advantages, as well as CapEx and OpEx optimization.  To find out how they solve this, please visit www.Fulcrum.net for more information.

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