Google makes “Gmail Go” available to all Android clients

Google makes “Gmail Go” available to all Android clients

Much the same as numerous other mainstream mobile applications, Gmail has its own lighter version, which is generally suggested for those utilizing low-end cell phones.

Gmail Go has been accessible to a specific classification of Android clients in select areas for a long time, yet that is going to change beginning today.

Google released Gmail Go in the Play Store so anybody can download and utilize it. Gmail Go offers a similar email insight as the full-fledged application, it’s simply that it gets rid of some visual components.

First of all, it doesn’t have the “Meet” button at the lower part of the screen. Additionally, the general part of the application is marginally “cleaner” as in it doesn’t utilize shadows.

In all honesty Gmail clients can set up their application’s UI so the Meet button won’t show up by any stretch of the imagination, however that is another conversation.

The primary concern is in the event that you need to evaluate a lighter version of Gmail, apparently advanced to work on gadgets with less RAM, you ought to have the option to download Gmail Go through the Google Play Store at this moment.

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