Find out about Evolife, the latest rising brand in fitness fashion by Yuki Sorci:

Find out about Evolife, the latest rising brand in fitness fashion by Yuki Sorci:

Evolife is the invention of Yuki Sorci. He is a former pro-MMA fighter who then moved on to bodybuilding. Yuki Sorci drafted out the brand 3.5 years ago. He has been competing in men’s physique for quite some time now. A lot of his good wishers advised him to start his own collection. He researched on the topic and found that there is not much captivating apparel in Japan which were providing a catchy deal. Hence, he decided to open a new line of fitness apparel as he found a market for it where he could take his creation to the next level.

His actions and vision to mix a little bit of streetwear style in the upcoming collection of Evolife to provide it with a unique statement vibe seemed to have paid off because now the athleisure clothes created by him are sold in over a whopping 20 different nations and has emerged to be quite popular among fans. The brand Evolife has also managed to pull off its distribution in the USA too and develop a solid fan base.

One of the key spokesmen for the site explained the vision and priorities of the established company saying that “At Evolife, our prime focus is and will always be on the quality we offer to our customers because we want people to truly love and enjoy the comfort we provide with our fabric and also the designs that we choose. This is the main reason and in order to commit to our vision, our teamwork does not hold back in any sense to work round the clock so that they can bring forth the best designs we are capable of serving. We make sure we go that extra mile for our fans.”

Of course, there is huge competition in the fitness clothing market as no matter how small or big the brand is, they are making sure to provide apparel for fitness freaks. The companies are well-strategized and are very creative so that they could carry out their workout sessions in their preferred attire. The competition out there is cutthroat but Evolife has managed to stand out of the crowd. You can check @evolifeapparel on Instagram to experience the exquisite and unique collection that this brand has to offer. The company also makes sure to give back to customers in the form of several offers from time to time and they are also looking to expand their target base significantly soon.

There is a lot more to know about Yuki Sorci. Take a sneak peek into the successful entrepreneur’s life on his:



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