Evolution of Asian e-commerce thought leader – Sunny Ali

Evolution of Asian e-commerce thought leader – Sunny Ali

Rise and rise of Sunny Ali

There is a huge thrust on e-commerce for doing business and several people in Pakistan are considering it as a primary source of income. Thought leaders notice this mushrooming culture and know how to turn it into a golden opportunity. Sunny Ali, CEO of Extreme Commerce constantly organizes virtual boot camps on social media network for the surging start ups in well known cities like Karachi. He teaches wanna-be entrepreneurs to be successful in this venture. Considering there are more than 140 million youth under the age of 30 in the country, their digital consumption is huge. The current eco-system promotes the growth of e-commerce vendors. Key performance indicators show the youth are willing to grab opportunities related to online business within the local communities. In such a scenario, Sunny Ali emerges as the ideal leader to steer the economy.

What separates him from other e-commerce thought leaders in Asia? His trumph lies in changing the mindset of people towards the digital economy in Pakistan. He seems to have hit the right tracks.

Would you rather learn ‘how to fish’ or have someone feed you everyday?

Herein lies the value of Sunny Ali’s unique method to help others to become successful. Competitive edge is rapidly growing in online world. While many people wish to conduct online business, it is rather difficult. Sunny Ali’s influence hinges on his ability to educate the target audience. As a thought leader in this niche he considers it more important to educate people before they can actually get into the complex e-commerce business. As the owner of Extreme Commerce, he organizes virtual boot camps where he teaches skills and shares in-depth knowledge of this industry. His futuristic vision compels others to imbibe his strategies and at the same time develop an individual methodology to succeed.

What makes Sunny so confident?

The 42-year old thought leader does not just help anyone to sell Amazon products. He provides cool actionable tips that do the job. That is why when he communicates, people are bound to learn how to fish and not just get anything on the platter. Sunny actually provides skills to increase e-commerce sales. With profound experience he understands that it is not sufficient to only educate and get skilled in techniques to sell. The barometer of success is founded on trending strategies. Like for instance he started by focusing on with management tools to exploit Alibaba. Now he is enabling his audiences to reach out to Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces in the world.

But, many people are avoiding Amazon courses… how does Sunny success?

Sunny puts premium on educating the people.  Look at it this way. When you teach someone to drive a car, what is the objective.

a). To make the person understand navigating traffic, reversing and understanding the rules of parking and driving on the highway?

b). Is the objective to become a Formula 1 racer or speedster?

When we consider online training for e-commerce, most people look for easy and quick resources. For example, just by attending a webinar, can one become an e-commerce vendor? Sunny’s approach to Amazon’s FBA hinges on several novel techniques rather than just explaining what it is all about.

Sunny Ali, comes on board with several analytical skills and training modules to crack the code of online selling business. He also gives face-to-face training directly for potential entrepreneurs who wish to join e-commerce business. Having travelled the world and worked for several companies, he is now an influencer in Pakistan. He teaches from his experience and that is more important than discussing a curriculum.

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