Yevgeniy Kim: “Success comes to those who use any opportunities to achieve their goal.”

Yevgeniy Kim: “Success comes to those who use any opportunities to achieve their goal.”

Many people consider opening their own business. Real goals and plans are brewing in their heads, but because the fear of failure dominates their desires, nothing further happens beyond their thoughts. This is certainly not the case for our hero. Yevgeniy Kim is a successful businessman and chief executive officer (CEO) for Redyl LLC, who knows all the ins and outs of wholesale and retail trade.

Since his youth, Yevgeniy dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and never doubted that success awaited him in this field. His training in martial arts instilled in him confidence, perseverance, belief in himself and his abilities, and the ability to win, which is often lacking in those who have decided to pursue business.

While studying management in tourism at Turan University in Almaty, the young man dreamed of developing the tourism business in Kazakhstan. However, it so happened that the children’s clothing store he opened in his hometown of Kaskelen began to generate excellent profits. Evaluating the prospects of the retail business, the aspiring entrepreneur changed his plans and began to develop in this direction. Studying all the nuances of trade and trying various marketing strategies, he found partners from China, opened a small wholesale store in Almaty, hired a good team, expanded the range of products, and even traveled to Beijing for a better understanding of the market in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Continuing to actively develop his wholesale business, Yevgeniy personally traveled to China in search of quality suppliers and better products, established a logistics supply chain and fast customs clearance for goods. Using innovative methods, he built the company structure and personnel management system, introduced accounting programs, and was one of the first to automate cell storage, which greatly reduced the time for finding and collecting orders. All of this has had a positive impact not only on the current business results, but also on overall customer satisfaction. Today, a permanent team of 10 motivated employees works at the wholesale warehouse, and the initial warehouse space has increased by several tens of times to 800 square meters. The number of regular customers (over 1000) and the sales geography (Kazakhstan, CIS and Central Asian countries) have significantly increased. The company has achieved a turnover of $2,000,000 in wholesale trade per year. As a result, the businessman received many letters of gratitude and awards for his contribution to the country’s economy from the government and became a member of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan.

The growth in profitability can also be observed in the retail sector, although it significantly differs from wholesale. Having opened a chain of offline stores, Yevgeniy had to work hard on advertising, marketing, interior design of the stores, and product placement. He had to learn a lot himself and teach even more to the staff. Conducting team-building activities, a self-developed employee motivation system, and setting up accounting and control eventually led to an increase in the number of customers (about 7300 per month) and annual sales volume of $1000000.

Currently, Yevgeniy Kim lives and works in the USA. He confidently conquers the retail business on the world’s largest trading platform, Amazon. In his first year of operation, he served over 15,000 customers and reached a turnover of $1.5 million. The businessman always has something to strive for. His plans include scaling up the business on Amazon, hiring a team, and launching his own unique brand on the platform. As we can see, he does not seek easy ways out and focuses on the things he does best. And most importantly, he uses all the opportunities that life provides to achieve his goals.

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