Growing Frequency Of Hurricanes In The United States And The Role Of Fast Fire Watch Co. In Helping

Growing Frequency Of Hurricanes In The United States And The Role Of Fast Fire Watch Co. In Helping

In September, Hurricane Ian made a direct strike on southern Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, resulting in catastrophic flooding and the loss of electricity for 2.5 million people.

Even if this hurricane is the most intense one that has been observed so far this season, it still makes headlines as the ninth storm of category 4 or 5 to impact the United States in the previous 50 years; six of these hurricanes have happened in 2017. Florida was hit by five of these hurricanes, with Hurricane Andrew in 1992 being responsible for nearly $26 billion in destruction. Texas and South Carolina have been hit by three others, while two others have hit Louisiana.

Various variables cause annual fluctuations in the intensity of the hurricane season. In the years since the Saffir-Simpson scale was created in 1851, Florida has seen more hurricanes compared to any other state. It is vulnerable to storms from both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico because of its central position.

To be precise, Florida has been impacted by more than 41% of the 292 storms that have struck the United States since 1851. Many may not be surprised to learn that Texas is number two in states most vulnerable to hurricanes, given the Gulf of Mexico’s reputation for spawning devastating storms.

Some researchers in the scientific community believe that the part that humans play in driving up global temperatures (in both the air and the ocean) is making it more likely for storms to develop and have greater destructive potential. Some researchers think that the natural salinity and temperature variations that have occurred deep in the Atlantic are to blame for any rise in the severity of storms that have occurred over the last several decades. 

Hurricanes can be chaotic and having a team of professionals as your backup is the best thing one can do in a city that is prone to facing hurricanes. One such backup can be Fast Fire Watch Co. As the Hurricane season arrives, the frequency of fire accidents also surges which calls for immediate action, or else it can spread quite quickly and result in unimaginable losses. Fast Fire Watch Co. is a US-based fire watch service run by veterans of the fire industry, and that is why they have a good understanding of how to deal with fire accidents both on small and large scales. 

They are OSHA-certified which adds to their reliability feature. It doesn’t take them long to send a guard to the location you desire. Furthermore, they can help in Hurricane situations by maintaining discipline in times of such calamity and help people that are stuck in fire situations or whose houses are affected by the disaster. Their affordability is what makes them the top choice of everyone in the US. Their well-trained and highly skilled fire watch guards make a lot of difference when called during an emergency. The bottom line is that a city can benefit immensely by hiring fire watch guards service in times of disasters like hurricanes. 

You may not have time to take all necessary safety measures if you wait for the warning of a hurricane on the radio or television. Taking measures prior to the start of hurricane season might lessen the severity of property loss and help you get through any emergencies more calmly. If you want to be ready for hurricane season, here are six easy actions to take:

Evacuation routes should be planned in advance. In the event that a catastrophic storm is predicted for your region, it may be necessary for you to make preparations to leave your house, especially if you are a coastal resident. While official orders from the government will be issued, it’s still a good idea to make preparations for your own evacuation in advance.

Always have a supply of necessities stashed away. When a storm alert is issued, people rush to stock up on supplies and make any necessary repairs to their homes. 

Ensure the safety of your house by taking the necessary precautions. If a hurricane is very powerful, it may cause landscape elements to become projectiles and smash windows and doors. Most of the damage to buildings after hurricanes is caused by rain penetrating damaged windows, doors, and roofs after the winds have died down.

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