Use An App To Send International Funds

Use An App To Send International Funds

As global virtual access expands, more and more people are gaining the ability to get things done beyond international boundaries. One of the best tools that people can use is the almighty app.

In 2021, there were approximately 230 billion app downloads throughout the world. Obviously, app use is an increasingly popular go-to method for numerous services, including banking. So, doesn’t it make sense to use an app to send money internationally?

At the dawn of app culture, most apps picked up in popularity because they provided entertainment. Now, apps have taken over virtually every facet of daily life — including how people send and receive money, internationally. Ria Money Transfer, one of the world’s largest money transfer services, provides an app that gives people the ability to send money internationally. Here are a few reasons why you should download it right away.

Saves Time and Money

Prior to having access to virtual apps, anyone seeking to initiate or receive an international money transfer couldn’t just go out and do it. First, they had to collect various documents and forms, double-check written information, and verify exchange rates. Next, they had to gear up and travel to the nearest place that could provide international wire services. 

In short, the old days of making a global money transfer were a chore in itself.  It took a lot of time just to prepare for the transfer. Then, it took resources, like gas or other travel fares, to get there. Having an app to do it does away with all of that.

Fingertip Access to Exchange Rates

Any app that’s worth its salt will give users the information they need upfront. Before, one of the most awkward things to do before sending an international money transfer was figuring out the exchange rate for the designated country. Rates change often and it isn’t always convenient to calculate when an exchange rate differentiates.

Ria Money Transfer gives users instant and up-to-date access to exchange rates of more than 165 countries. When you access the transfer page, a simple and convenient drop-down menu pops up. Users can scroll up or down and easily choose a designated country’s currency. The app will automatically calculate it. This also gives users a quick glance at how much they could or should send before sending too much or too little.

Send and Receive Options

The app also gives senders and recipients multiple options about how to send and receive money. Traditional international money transfer methods can be very rigid about how funds are sent and disbursed. Typically, the method of payment is also the only way the recipient can receive it. With Ria Money Transfer, senders can choose how to send money. Receivers can also choose how they want to receive the funds. Both parties have choices about the transaction, giving each a more convenient and practical way to manage an international money transfer.

Secure Transaction

All wire transfers need a great deal of security to avoid instances of fraud or the possibility of a failed transaction. This app provides users a safe and secure way to send and receive money. Virtual fraud and hacking are at an all-time high. So, having an app that allows you to conduct international wire transfers that are protected is crucial.

Tracks Transactions

Instead of waiting and worrying about when an international wire transfer will be received, users can track the status of a transaction in real time. App users can use the order number or their unique PIN to gauge the transaction’s status, giving both parties a firm idea of when those funds will land.

When you’re looking for an app to send money internationally, choose one that gets the job done and keeps your money safe. Ria Money Transfer is that app.

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