Up-and-coming musical sensation Nailah Blackman creates much excitement in music lovers with her upcoming song “Best Friend.”

Up-and-coming musical sensation Nailah Blackman creates much excitement in music lovers with her upcoming song “Best Friend.”

The song “Best Friend” will drop on 28th July 2022 with a pop and folk influence, offering audiences an incredible fusion they can dance to.

It is so enthralling to see how a few professionals have worked their way to the top in their respective industries. What’s even more incredible is how many women have come forward to showcase their A-game in all that they have chosen to lay their hands on in their respective careers and lives and have been taking over them as true-blue professionals. To do that in the ever-so-competitive music industry can prove to be even more challenging, but up-and-coming music sensations like Nailah Blackman have been proving what it takes to become one’s best version.

This incredibly beautiful music artist has now been garnering even more headlines and recognition for her upcoming song titled “Best Friend,” which is all set to drop on 28th July 2022. The Trinidad & Tobago talent has so far consistently taken the Caribbean by storm through her innate music skills and relentless passion, which can be proved by the kind of massive streams she has attained in her career with songs like AG Baby, Say Less, Baila Mami, Badishh, Iron Love, and many others, available on major streaming platforms like Spotify.

Speaking on her upcoming song Best Friend, Nailah Blackman states, “It is about that friend in your life that would do anything for you because they love you and accept you for who you are, without conditions or limitations, and you just want to return that love.” Adding further, she says that it was inspired by her best friend. Facing several challenges at some point in her life, it was her best friend who stood by her and motivated her to chase her dreams, acting as her backbone and rock. 

What’s interesting is that Best Friend is a fusion, mixing pop and folk influences, but the rhythmic structure is Zess music, a movement that has taken over the Caribbean since the pandemic. The song is produced by Team Salut from the UK. Nailah Blackman hopes that the song touches the right chords of people’s hearts and makes them feel relatable. In a parting shot, she says, “God doesn’t just give you the friends you want but also the friends you need. Good friends, don’t let best friends give up!”

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