Tracing The Success Of Youngest Musical Artist & Entrepreneur, Mahfujur Rahman

Tracing The Success Of Youngest Musical Artist & Entrepreneur, Mahfujur Rahman

Mahfujur Rahman is a successful musical artist and entrepreneur.

Since childhood, his crazy ideas and strategies attracted people around him.

At the age of 17 he started to sing amazing music. He is also expert in recitation of the Holy Quran, singing Gazal and Hamd-Nat.

From age of 15, he started professional football carrier and after four and half years of journey his football carrier was ended for a major injury on his waist.

When he was a student of higher secondary education in Cantonment Public School and College, he was a cadet (BNCC). Mahfujur Rahman love to explore and learn new things. 

He believes that learning comes from inner-self. He is also a self-learner. Mahfujur Rahman says that one should never stop learning. 

He also firmly believes that one should never feel contented with his work as it kills the hunger to achieve more.

He was awarded so many prizes and certificates for his Islamic cultural program such as  Recitation Of The Holy Quran, Ghazal and Hamd-Naat.

There are many people in the world who cannot read or write, but can convey their thoughts and feelings well verbally. As many intuitive and self-taught musicians and musicians have never learned to read or write music. And in general, learning music theory is considered tedious and unnecessary. However, just like the leaps that learning to read and write a new language can make in our learning process. Music theory can also help musicians learn new techniques. And perform styles of music they are unfamiliar with. Knowing music theory can also give an artist the confidence to try new things.

Many music teachers believe that music theory is a fundamental principle in a balanced educational process. And they usually put theory in their lessons. On the other hand, some believe that learning music theory does not make a person perform better as a musician. Therefore, they consider it unnecessary.

Opponents of music theory claim that learning music theory is futile. They also believe that this is harmful to the musician and composer. Music theory seems to involve musicians in a kind of mental framework and following the rules in this framework. This limits music, which should not be considered a free-spirited art.

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