TheServerHost South Africa, Johannesburg Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean and dedicated IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

TheServerHost South Africa, Johannesburg Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean and dedicated IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

For Inbox delivery of Transactional emails choose clean and reputed IPs with rDNS set up and port 25 open with South Africa dedicated or VPS server

Delhi, India, 28th Jan 2024, King NewsWire – South Africa Dedicated IP addresses are ideal for email marketers that send high volumes of email and are confident in their emailing practices, giving them complete control over their reputation and improving deliverability.

When sending from a dedicated IP, it’s essential that you follow a gradual ramp-up plan, as sudden spikes could raise suspicion among mailbox providers and result in them blocking your address.

Control Over Your Reputation

Dedicated IP addresses are typically utilized by B2B senders with high send volumes or those seeking third party validation (Validity/ReturnPath) certification. Given that dedicated IPs tend to cost more than shared ones, it’s crucial that they bring enough volume and consistency for the investment to pay off.

If you own a dedicated IP, a gradual ramp-up plan must be in place in order to establish and keep up your reputation as a trustworthy sender. This process, known as IP warming, involves starting off slowly by restricting email sends before gradually increasing them over a set period of time – essential in avoiding sudden spikes that might raise an inbox provider red flag.

Increased Delivery Rates

A dedicated IP can give your email deliverability an extra boost. When sending transactional email campaigns to multiple contacts, dedicated IPs offer higher delivery rates due to being in full control over their own reputation and not depending on other senders’. Furthermore, dedicated IPs allow for easy safe-listing and certification programs that will strengthen it further.

An additional major advantage of having a dedicated IP is avoiding spam filters and blacklists that often plague senders using shared IPs. Email providers and blacklists evaluate both an IP address and domain to decide whether emails should be delivered; if one shares IP has an unfavorable reputation, its entire block can be blocked; but by opting for dedicated IPs you can avoid this scenario and increase deliverability rates by teaching inbox providers to trust your emails more.

Improved Spam Filtering

By having a dedicated IP address, your emails won’t be lumped together with spammers and senders with questionable reputations, increasing the chances that email servers trust and deliver your emails directly into recipients’ inboxes. 

Dedicated IP addresses are essential when sending time-sensitive email, such as password resets and appointment reminders. Sharing an IP address with marketers who frequently change their lists or generate spam can slow your sending speed, making important emails undeliverable on time. By having a dedicated IP address of your own, however, you have full control of how fast you send mail out.

Inbox providers and spam filters rely on your email sending frequency to gauge its legitimacy as a legitimate sender. If your sending volume increases unexpectedly or regularly with no apparent pattern in its delivery to recipients, inbox providers could perceive this behavior as suspicious and blacklist your dedicated IP, impacting both ROI and email delivery to recipients’ mailboxes.

Reduced Risk of Blacklisting

By sending from a dedicated IP, your reputation as a sending IP lies entirely within your hands. This gives you full control over it and enables you to take advantage of certain certification services not available when sending from shared IPs; some emailers find faster delivery when signing their emails using DKIM or Sender Score Certified signatures on a dedicated IP.

With a dedicated IP, it can reduce the risk of becoming blacklisted as inbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo will trust the reputation of senders based on previous behavior. Still, mistakes could land you on spam lists or lead to temporary blocks on all IP ranges; a GlockApps email delivery tool can help ensure it does not get flagged for suspicious activity and protect against reputation damage that could otherwise lead to blacklisting.

Sending from a clean IP address

A clean IP is defined as any IP that has not been blacklisted by any major Internet service providers (ISPs) and hasn’t been subject to any recent spam complaints.

While email authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC can help keep your IP clean, it is still essential to monitor it regularly, particularly if sending volumes are increasing rapidly. Your reputation can be affected by both domain and IP scores – measured by ISPs to gauge trust of an email sender.

Increased deliverability

Email deliverability depends heavily on your sender reputation, with IP addresses playing an essential part. Both dedicated and shared IPs will be evaluated by inbox service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo to verify who the sender is as well as ensure they don’t send spam; any messages flagged as such could end up sent directly into spam folders or even blocked altogether, jeopardizing both its delivery speed and your business reputation.

Email bouncebacks may occur for various reasons, such as being marked as spam by the recipient’s MTA protection software, or taking up too much space in their mailbox. A hard bounce may indicate that their account has been closed or deleted and therefore, any future efforts from your side might not reach them again.

Better monitoring and reporting

Though other areas of application development have made impressive strides in terms of tooling, best practices, and reliability, email remains something of an opaque black box. While there are tools for monitoring uptime, page load times, and other aspects of performance monitoring; there’s no clear way of seeing what’s happening inside email inboxes.

Dedicated IP addresses offer superior monitoring and reporting capabilities, giving you a clearer picture of your email delivery performance. This is especially valuable when it comes to transactional emails like order confirmations or service appointment reminders that are critical in helping ensure recipients get important information like order or service appointment reminders – which could potentially have serious ramifications for both recipients as well as your bottom line if they’re not received in time.

Bounce rates, or the percentage of emails that fail to be successfully delivered to subscribers, can have a devastating impact on your reputation as an email sender. High bounce rates signal ISPs as signs that they should consider your email as spam; to prevent this from happening you should regularly clean out recipient lists for invalid addresses in order to maximize subscriber retention practices and minimize invalid email counts.

TheServerHost – South Africa Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost provides an extensive range of hosting options, from dedicated and VPS servers, as well as cloud servers with unparalleled performance, security and technical support teams available 24/7.

These servers feature enterprise-grade hardware and offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as an easy control panel for user administration. They’re an excellent solution for businesses and individuals wanting to host websites that experience heavy traffic volumes.

Africa Dedicated Servers

South Africa dedicated server is the optimal solution for large websites requiring high performance. With exceptional uptime and upgrade flexibility, as well as cost-efficiency – only paying for bandwidth used and disk space utilized – dedicated servers from TheServerHost offer outstanding uptime, flexibility and cost efficiency while being supported 24/7 by a technical support team ready to answer any questions about your setup or usage.

Dedicated servers offer small business owners full control of their websites and bandwidth. Crafted with enterprise-grade hardware, these dedicated servers come complete with load balancing and SSL certificates – providing maximum scalability as your business expands while remaining reliable for revenue-driven organizations.

VPS hosting is an affordable solution for business owners who need to upgrade their websites without breaking the bank. It can also be utilized by small to mid-sized companies looking for improved performance and speed; featuring such things as KVM hypervisors, pre-bundled control panels, expandable SSD storage capacity as well as root access. VPS servers make an excellent option for expert website managers who require root access in order to manage their sites more effectively.

TheServerHost is an industry-leading dedicated server hosting provider, offering an array of features like free domain registration and unlimited bandwidth usage. In addition, their WHM control panel makes managing websites and servers much simpler while their customer support staff are always available via live chat or email if any problems arise.

Africa VPS Servers

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting) provides users with their own virtual private server on a physical machine, created using a hypervisor. The virtual server allows multiple programs to run simultaneously on one physical machine for greater performance and reliability while decreasing hardware maintenance and repair costs. In addition, eCommerce websites benefit greatly as it isolates them from users’ personal information.

South Africa Virtual Private Servers are an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses that require a more versatile and robust hosting solution, such as eCommerce stores or sites with high traffic loads that need more power than what a shared or reseller plan offers. They are also useful when managing multiple websites simultaneously.

VPSs offer another key advantage by quickly and cost-effectively providing additional servers on demand, eliminating delays between customer demand and fulfillment often caused by dedicated server provisioning processes. Furthermore, this solution enables you to use your own operating system, reducing maintenance costs significantly.

TheServerHost South Africa stands out by offering not only a high-performance network but also 24-hour technical support via email, live chat, or phone – offering comprehensive knowledge base access that offers answers for frequent client questions as well as offering plans with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and server resources for both Linux and Windows servers.

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