iOS 17.4’s entire list of new features, including unreleased devices, new emoji, and changes to the EU App Store!

iOS 17.4’s entire list of new features, including unreleased devices, new emoji, and changes to the EU App Store!

iOS 17.4’s first beta, which is a remarkably big update, has been released. Along with new emoji and functionality, Apple is enabling third-party app shops in the EU and making mentions of upcoming gadgets. This is what the update contains.
This week, developers were able to see iOS 17.4, one week before a public beta is expected. On our iPhone 15 Pro Max, the update — build number 21E5184i—was a substantial 6GB.

iOS 17.4: Big changes for EU users
Not everyone is experiencing iOS 17.4’s major update. Third-party software marketplaces are now possible because to Apple’s adherence to an EU order that required Apple to permit pro gramme installations outside of the software Store.

This is exclusive to users in the EU. These modifications will not effect users who are not located within this geographic area.

Apple has established nearly 600 new developer API s in order to facilitate this, as well as new payment methods, security protocols, and other features.

Third-party default browsers, third-party web engines, and support for third parties using the NFC chip for contactless payments are among the other ways Apple is opening up iOS in the EU.

With iOS 17.4, we’ve seen several adjustments to the iOS settings as a result of these changes. The About screen now includes a new area code, and the Contactless and NFC privacy settings have been updated.

iOS 17.4: New features
We really like one of the new features in the Podcasts app upgrade. It now includes a new symbol for a dialogue box in the lower-left corner that looks similar to the Music app’s.

The Podcasts app will transcribe any podcast episode, while the Music app will display the lyrics. It even employs the chapter markers from podcasts as section headers.

Users can search a transcription for any keyword they’re looking for, and the text is transcribed exactly as it is said. If you would want to share the text in another app, it may also be copied.

In relation to the Music app, Apple has substituted a “Home” button for the previous “Listen Now” button. This appears to be a wise decision and has a clearer aim.

An update has already been released for iOS 17.3’s Stolen Device Protection feature. There is also a new option to always have it activated rather than just when traveling outside of secure areas, as many users had requested.

Siri can now respond to messages in a variety of languages when reading them back. Through Settings, users can select and install any of the many languages that Siri supports.

Apple will formally permit streaming catalog apps for gaming. ones that store a variety of games instead of requiring separate downloads, such as Ge Force Now.
Soon, users will be able to join a game by bringing two phones together. Although it’s not currently available, this is done via Game Center.
It looks that new cars running iOS 17.4 will be the first to get the updated Car Play. Car Play 2.0 has a tonne of new icons and apps, and it will even end with a scripted “goodbye,” akin to the welcome screen on Macs that ends with a “hello” script.

iOS 17.4: New emoji
When various genders and skin tones are taken into account, iOS 17.4 contains more than 100 new emoji.

A lime, a phoenix, a brown mushroom, and a trembling head face are some of our favorites. Others have distinct family symbols, a broken chain, and figures doing various actions while facing different ways.

These new emoji are derived from Unicode’s September 2024 emoji 15.1 suggestion and will be gradually added to other systems.

iOS 17.4: New devices coming soon
Along with all the updates and new capabilities, Apple also unintentionally included several references to future devices in the updated code.

Text strings mentioning an iPad Pro landscape camera were found by code sleuths. Only the iPad 10th generation has featured a landscape camera thus far.

The third-generation Apple Pencil, which was not yet revealed, was also mentioned. It appears that the new Apple Pencil will support Find My, which will facilitate finding.

When is iOS 17.4 being released?
Although Apple has not yet made an official announcement regarding the release date of iOS 17.4, it is likely to happen before March 8th, given that is the time frame by which Apple must abide by the EU order. Since March 8 falls on a Friday, we assume iOS 17.4 will release on either March 4 or March 5.

It will probably take a few weeks before this enormous update becomes available to all users as this is just the first beta.


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