The unexpected rise of Kadda Sheekoff

The unexpected rise of Kadda Sheekoff

Though SoundCloud played a major role in assisting Kadda Sheekoff’s breakout, It all started with his visual appeal. He realises the importance “I’m Haitian, so in my Country there’s not really a major label. you don’t really get radio play as much or tv play unless you pay someone who knows someone that know someone,” says the 27-year-old singer. “The internet is really the only way to get your content out there. Instagram was the biggest way for me to build a fan base.” He now has a solid presence in the mainstream, with a belief that he is at the forefront of the artists who broke out through digital platforms in Haiti.

What makes Kadda Sheekoff stand out is the sharpness of his pen, impact of his lyrics and highly visceral imagery. Lines like “i wanna go with you in Haiti, let’s get married dans mon pays” off his latest single “All My Life” are the result of a well-honed approach to writing. “I’m Haitian and I can speak 7 languages,” he declares. “I write in Haitian Creole, French, Spanish, English, Ewondo and some other African language. I basically write every morning specially Saturday morning, From there I’ll just write one line and the rest pretty much comes naturally.

Looking ahead Kadda Sheekoff promises lots more features and a deliberate move towards a mature message. “It’s something people will have to wait to hear,” he says about his upcoming music. “All my fans from Haiti and Cameroon, There’s definitely a lot of things I want to address in the near future with my music. I want to talk about Haiti in my music, I have a special message I want to spread in terms of waking up and really understanding what’s going on in Haiti.” His wave is certainly bound to spread even more, and we should expect a Kadda Sheekoff fusing a conscious outlook with Haitian music and Afropop.

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