The Need for Independent Journalism—The Road to Truth

The Need for Independent Journalism—The Road to Truth

Today, we live in a world with easy access to information. With just a touch, you can delve into what’s happening in a small town across the continent. This technological advancement alone can pave the way for countless opportunities for humanity.

The truth is that the content you consume every single day makes up your personality. This includes the news you pay attention to or the politician that influences you; it affects your beliefs.

Considering the various benefits of modern-day journalism, there is a huge warning.

Journalism is only beneficial to society if it is unregulated and if it is a raw and real depiction of what the source is trying to say.

Let’s discuss the importance of independent journalism.

Holding Leaders Accountable

There is no question that a country is as good as the leaders running it. When given a position of power, it isn’t rare that leader often tends to procrastinate and become lazy, knowing their misconduct will not have any consequences.

Independent journalism keeps the governing bodies of the country on their toes. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on May 2, 2021,

 “A free and independent press is the core institution connecting publics to the information they need to advocate for themselves, make informed decisions, and hold government officials accountable.”

More so, in the United States, the media are, in fact, called the “Fourth Estate.” This level of respect given to the media symbolizes the power citizens have to keep the government in check.


With the power of independent media, we can spread important public service announcements effectively. A prime example of this feat was during the COVID-19 peak when US reporters played a crucial role in explaining to the public what the virus is and the standard operating procedures that helped fight the pandemic. Meanwhile, in places such as China and Iran, laptops were being confiscated, and reporters were being arrested solely for reporting the truth.


The public wants to know the truth. You must have heard a Biblical saying, “The truth shall set you free.” This is only half of the statement. The other half message is “but, first, it will make you miserable.” We should always strive to be honest and learn about the truth, no matter how bitter and terrifying it may be. This helps them devise an action plan to counteract the situation when it gets tricky. Finding out that the information they are receiving is something the government wants them to listen to will break their trust. Subsequently, the next time the government wants to transmit a public service announcement, people will refuse to listen.

Freedom of Speech

No one wants to live in a country without freedom of speech or independence. Muting the voice of the masses or burying the truth through the media is an attempt to shun millions of people who want to share their opinions and ideas in hopes of developing the country as a whole. An independent press means diversity of views and inclusion. Investigative journalists in the US dig deep into the truth, going to rallies and putting their lives on the line to pursue the truth.


Independent journalism is at the forefront of a democratic nation. The bridge connects the people with the government, which is integral to ensuring a healthy and strong foundation for any country.

Prioritizing the independence of journalism is prioritizing the people of the nation.

In the bustling metropolis of Washington DC, Katya Fernandez always vouched for telling unspun and unfiltered stories. She receives a mysterious package at her doorstep with the words, “Be Careful whom you trust.”

Katya must find a way to bring the truth to the masses in a country where the rouge, corrupt and treacherous heavily influence the media.

Will she be successful in her endeavors?

There is only one way to find out.

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Derek Robins

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