Xiaomi Introduces the Mijia 3 HP AC: Potent Cooling, Eco-Friendly, HyperOS

Xiaomi Introduces the Mijia 3 HP AC: Potent Cooling, Eco-Friendly, HyperOS

The latest Mijia 3 HP Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner from Xiaomi, which has amazing features, energy efficiency, and smart connection, is now available for pre-sale. While there are some technical differences, this item is extremely comparable to the newly released Fresh Air Pro Dual Outlet variation.

Specifications of the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner, 3 HP:

The star-forged silver glass panel on the air conditioner gives it a visually arresting look. This sleek, contemporary facade guarantees longevity and simplicity of cleaning while bringing a sense of refinement to any area. With its 160-degree ultra-wide air delivery angle, the AC’s Kunyi biomimetic dual air outlets evenly disperse air throughout both large and small spaces.

The air conditioner’s performance specs include an amazing air volume of 1710 m³/h, which is ideal for efficient and speedy temperature control. With a 1930W cooling capacity and a 2680W heating capability, it runs effectively. With two unique airflow forms—”sky curtain” and “carpet breeze”—that can be adjusted to suit the needs and preferences of the user, the unit is ideal for comfort.

High-density antibacterial and antifungal filters installed in the air conditioner guarantee that the air stays hygienic. By effectively stopping bacterial growth within the unit, these filters reduce the possibility of secondary air contamination. They also protect users’ respiratory health by providing an antibacterial rate of up to 99% and reaching a high antifungal grade.

The first-level energy efficiency rating of the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner validates its environmentally friendly design. The indoor unit is little yet mighty, measuring 340 mm in width, 1863 mm in height, and 408 mm in depth. The unit operates at a low enough noise level (42–46 dB (A)) to ensure that the tranquil atmosphere of your house is not disturbed.

An innovative self-cleaning mechanism for both indoor and outdoor units is part of the cleaning technology built into the air conditioner. By sterilizing the components through high-temperature drying, this method efficiently gets rid of moisture, dust, and dirt. These elements improve the air conditioner’s performance and the quality of the air it circulates in addition to extending its lifespan.

It has Xiaomi HyperOS Connect installed, which enables whole-house smart interconnection, in terms of connectivity. Through the Mijia app, users can remotely operate the air conditioner and change parameters like the temperature and operation modes from any location. To make things easier to use and enable hands-free operation, the system now enables voice control via Xiaoai.

Cost and Availability

Pre-orders for the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner 3 HP are being accepted on JD.com right now. The initial launch price is 5799 yuan ($820).

Sanchita Patil

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