Tesla Cybertruck showcases rear-wheel steering features in the Giga Texas

Tesla Cybertruck showcases rear-wheel steering features in the Giga Texas

Tesla’s Cyber ​​Rodeo had several of the company’s upcoming vehicles, although a cyber truck stole the show. The all-electric pickup truck grabbed the attention of attendees and online viewers, from design chief Franz von Holzhausen to his display at the Elon Musk address a few hours before his address at night.

While appearing at CyberRodeo, many updates of CyberTruck were seen. It includes its updated doors, which Elon Musk had engaged in after his speech, its side repeater cameras, which now look like units used in other Tesla vehicles, and the charging port on one of the fenders of the all-electric pickup truck. . A recent video also reveals that Cyber ​​Truck displayed an upcoming, practical feature throughout the day.

As shared by the Cybertruck Owners Club with Teslarati, the Cybertruck demonstrated the steering wheel features of its rear wheels as it spins around the Giga Texas. A video of the vehicle was shared online and while it was very brief, the rear wheels of the cybetrack could easily be seen moving. Its low speed while using the rear wheel steering feature of the vehicle indicates some of the advantages of the function which can give while driving in parking or narrow space.

Elon Musk initially announced the steering wheel features of a cyber truck on Twitter. In his post, Musk said the task was added to enable cyber trucks to make tight turns with high agility and complete the trick. This was a very practical move for Tesla, especially considering the size of the CybeTrack. With a wheelbase higher than the Ford F-150, the Cybertruck is a larger vehicle, so customers will love adding features that make it more efficient.

Delivery of the cybertruck has been delayed, but Elon Musk is confident Tesla will be able to transfer the vehicle next year. The CEOs are very excited about the all-electric pickup truck, noting that the cyber truck could be Tesla’s “magnum opus” during cyber rodeo. If so, the truck will definitely come with Tesla’s best technology to date, such as the Hardware 4.0 computer, which Musk mentioned during AI Day. With Hardware 4.0, Cybertruck will definitely be as predictable as possible.

Sneha Mali

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