Dr John Lewis Evans Jr Has Signification Suggestions for the State Secretary of Education

Dr John Lewis Evans Jr Has Signification Suggestions for the State Secretary of Education

Dr John Lewis Evans Jr is a renowned Positive Organizational Scholar in DeLand, Florida. He takes one-on-one professional sessions with people and helps them attain their goals. In his sessions, Dr Evans uses the methods he designed on The Culture of WOW; Finding Your Ballast, Stress Management in a Covid World; Unlocking Value for Both Parties in Negotiations; Speech Giving to a New World Audience.

It is Dr Evans’ goal to unlock eudaimonia and ensure that his clients realise their potential and flourish in life the way they wish to. Along with being a Positive Organization Scholar, Dr John Lewis Evans Jr had partnered with the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute, The US Navy SEALS; Georgetown University with Robert Bies, PhD; Pepperdine University with Vance Caesar, PhD; Betsy Sanders, mastermind of the Nordstrom Client Experience.

The Governor of Florida had appointed Dr Evans to teach customer service to the aviation authorities in the state senate. The Governor had praised Dr Evans for his impeccable work and told him to continue his pertinaciousness in the space of education as they need earth-shattering reform.

Dr Evans had shared some suggestions for the State Secretary of Education. Check them out:

  • Purchase and creation of school structure, including real estate, with Florida Coin, to stave off the ravages of inflation
  • Ensure a digital wallet for every Florida student in school. This would replace student IDs and would be invaluable on tracking location of the child. Kidnapping prevention, and attendance in class would be greatly augmented
  • The digital power of master classes for extra curricular activities must be embraced. Why not have Roger Federer teach a digital class on the fundamentals of tennis? Magnus Carlsen teaching chess? Steve Martin on stand up comedy? Why not?
  • Teachers must continually be incentivized for the life-giving work they provide. Use Florida Coin to offer incentives to high performing teachers at stores like Target and Publix

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