Tathastulive.com offers Mataji Prasad at home this Navratri

Tathastulive.com offers Mataji Prasad at home this Navratri

If Covid has crippled your need to connect with your temples and favourite deity during the festival times an Ahmedabad based start-up has come to your divine rescue. Tathastulive.com, a spirit-tech aggregator of temples offers you Prasad from Gujarat and National temples right at your doorstep. Initiated by Jignesh Vasavada and Nishith Vasavada, tathastulive.com, initially intends to venture into Prasad delivery, later going on to offer Daan Peti where daan as low as Rs 11 could be given to temples, Live Darshan, Live Puja & Hawan besides many IOT based solutions are planned for the future.

Tapping into the potential $40bn online spiritual market, tathastulive.com intends to focus on delivering Prasad from temples like the Chardham, Ayodhya’s Ram Lalla, Hanuman Garhi, Mathura besides Gujarat locals like Ambaji, Bahuchar Mata, Umiya Mata, Somnath, Dwarkadhish and many others.

“Our list is expected to grow every week as more and more temples and its local vendors understand the importance of online Prasad and more importantly the need to expand beyond their physical space,” explains Jignesh Vasavada, founder. “With temples being closed for the longest time in history, the biggest brunt was borne by the Prasad vendors who saw no business for months together. Hence we employed their services directly and indirectly and gave them a platform to help sell their offerings”.

Covid19 gave a crippling blow to many temples too resulting in some drastic measures being taken by temples themselves who understood the importance of going online and have begun offering prasads too. However, in Gujarat alone there are about 4200 plus temples which include Jyotirling, Shaktipeeths, Ganesh Temples, Kul Devis and Devtas besides temples that despite their small structure draw immense faith among their followers. With most temples farther from home, it is difficult for the devotees to pay their obeisance and consume their Prasad. Also, 90% temples do not even have their own Prasad which makes for it difficult for devotees to pay their respects.

“This is where we step in. Wherever possible, local vendors procure temple prasads as it is. Where there are no prasads, they buy sweet locally and offer it to the gods and then ship it to the devotee. Every Prasad pack is first offered to the god, their blessings sought and only post that we courier it to the devotee,” says Nishith Vasavada, co-founder. “Safety during packing and transit is our prime concern as we expect elders and senior citizens to be consuming the same,” adds Nishith.

Tathathulive.com intends to target elderly together with the youth expecting them to gift prasads to their parents and seniors besides family, friends, teachers and Corona Warriors like doctors, teachers, uniformed warriors and host of others. This start-up opens doors of

opportunities for small, mid and large size temples to be aggregated on a single platform and get benefits like Daan, Darshan, Puja, Hawan and Prasad.

Tathastulive.com also aspires to be Gujarat’s first serious start-up in the spiritual sector offering 360 degree solutions to the temples as well as the devotees spread all across the world. Starting with 30+ temples, tathastulive.com intends to cross 100 plus temples which would also include Vocal for Local temples which do not have technology and digital presence by early next year. These would be added as Covid restrictions ease and temples from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh begin joining the platform.

About Tathastulive.com: We are going to be one of the finest online temple aggregator in the country for the Hindu sect. An online platform which would allow the citizens of our country and across the globe to access, experience and fulfill their needs by lending a prayer to the temple of their choice. We intend to make it experiential, innovative and a one stop solution for all their needs. Be it Prasad, Darshan, Daan, Manokamna, Puja and we will make it happen.

Paucity of time, travel always existed, however with corona it is only getting more difficult. Even for the shrines which are already lamenting on the decrease in footfalls and revenues. We intend to be that solution.


About us: We are multiple professionals from the field of Media, Journalism and Sales having a cumulative experience of 70 years in the field.

Jignesh Vasavada, Founder, was a journalist with Indian Express and the founding member of Radio Mirchi. He was also the National Programming Head of MY FM and Programming Head of TOP FM. He was also part of Shri Narendra Modi’s digital team for General Elections besides being a strategic consultant to numerous Government and Industry projects.

Nishith Vasavada, Co-Founder, was very successful in the travel industry having headed Jet Airways. Later with Travelallay he managed very large operations, events, groups and loads of travel itineraries.


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