How did Kai Schoene, an illustrious entrepreneur, leverage his passion for standing among the leading graphic designers?

How did Kai Schoene, an illustrious entrepreneur, leverage his passion for standing among the leading graphic designers?

Kai Schoene is a prolific composer of web designs. His impeccable taste in creativity and designs have received substantial recognition. A graphic designer by profession and a leading entrepreneur by style, this young man is fond of mingling the visuals, colors and typography with music and motion.

This young boy started the tedious journey of his graphic designing toil in his hometown Germany, which changed into his trailblazing career after year’s long hard work. Putting months to the nitty-gritty of graphic designing and empowering himself with all the fundamentals, he made considerable progress in his niche. His professional exposure enormously increased when he was promoted to the position of a senior art director in a well-known organization that deals with commercials and advertisements. However, his free-spirited nature challenged him to dig deeper into the creativity of his work. Despite the prestigious position and lucrative benefits, he decided to quit his day job and unleash new explorations in his work of web designing.

There is always a reason not to take action, not to chase one’s dreams, and not to stick one’s neck out. And many of the excuses seem perfectly justifiable. However, living a life of excuses not only make you devoid of reaching your true potential but also would not help you grab opportunities and freedom. Likewise, Kai had many excuses to quit or even not to start in the first place. Furthermore, he had no support in terms of supporters, finances or a big profile that could help him to smooth the process. All he could bring along was his extensive training and work experience of graphic and web designing which he diligently applied to all the opportunities he grabbed.

His vocation to be a leading graphic designer led him to make this daring decision of emigration to Switzerland. There he had to start his personal and professional journey all over again. Initially, his behavior was considered eccentric when he plunged into this decision of moving to a new region bare handed. However, his courage to follow his eccentricity, is highly admirable when we see the outcomes of it today. His dedication and indefatigable efforts led him to compose his marvelous company projects “yourcarstory” and “yourcompanystory”, in a brief period of two years in Lucerne. Through these projects, he demonstrated his dexterity in videography and visuals. Since then, he never looked back and has earned great recognition after taking over the management of a company’s graphic implementation of campaigns.

His positive repute further escalated when he was nominated for the Swiss Men’s award. This contest for the Mister Right among the Swiss men celebrities is a prestigious award competition judged by the elite coaches from the Swiss Celebrity Scene. This gentleman who was born and raised in Germany, stood 7th in the list of Swiss Men’s Award and proved that you can make any goal achievable if you put your mind to it. Life is not about making an achievement and resting on one’s laurels. It is about constantly challenging yourself to target new levels and keep on going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Using the same building blocks but putting them together differently, Kai Schoene made his way among the best professionals in the videographer field. Since 2010, he has also been working as a freelance designer for several business companies, tech industries, startups, and diverse organizations. In his renowned projects (your-car-story and your-company-story) he uses his cutting edge professional equipment to create an amalgamation of high-class graphics, videos, music and emotions. Redbull, Volkswagen, GymQueen and BonPrix are some companies that he worked with. Kai expresses his extravagant design ideas through his projects. His lavish concepts and his entrepreneurial story enthralls others to discover their creative potential and to be the best version of themselves, regardless of which niche they do pick.

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