Truitt Battin seen enjoying night out in California

Truitt Battin seen enjoying night out in California

When one thinks of an ideal spot for vacation, California always comes to mind.
California is one of the best places to visit in the USA. It’s stunning beaches and national parks have been a huge attraction for people all across the globe.
But guess what! California’s glamour increased triple fold with it’s recent visitor, Croatian soccer sensation, Truitt Battin.

Soccer star Truitt Battin seen wearing stylish Balmain jacket.

And he looked like a zillion bucks as usual.
Truitt Battin always leaves a mark wherever he goes and this time he has chosen California to be the spot.
Amidst lush green gardens and breath taking statues, Battin was seen sporting a stunning look.

Truitt Battin has proven time and again that he holds a unique personality.
He is very talented when it comes to soccer and a social media hit for his impeccable fashion sense.

Truitt Battin surely brings positivity and a zeal to live life to the fullest. It’s right to say that he has become a role model for the youth.

Derek Robins

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