Syed Irfan: Achieving astounding success as a young business mogul with his empire RR Group of Companies.

Syed Irfan: Achieving astounding success as a young business mogul with his empire RR Group of Companies.

The young entrepreneur and philanthropist, taking inspiration from his father, has become one of the most dynamic business personalities with his empire that deals in various verticals.

Different individuals face different challenges in life; what stays important here is what choice a person makes and how he/she makes the most of the given situations in life. In the case of the young business tycoon, Syed Irfan from Hyderabad, he was born into an opulent family with a golden spoon, but he decided to follow the footsteps of his father and grow as an individual that exudes humility, selflessness and works for the betterment of not only his business but all others associated with them. Today, Syed Irfan credits all his success to his father, Syed Hameeduddin, who began everything from scratch with repairing bicycle punctures near Hyderabad’s historic Charminar and with his ‘never give up’ attitude and hard work turned his life entirely with becoming a highly successful entrepreneur, creating an empire.

His father worked relentlessly each passing day to feed them and jumped from the pavements of the Charminar into the industry of tobacco. Gradually he saw his business growing and since then they have never looked back. His immense passion and hard work led to the creation of what is today known as one of the leading most empires in Hyderabad, RR Group of Companies. This empire has been creating a movement of sorts across various verticals and deals with manufacturing spices and many kitchen products as well as has dived into realty and development.

Syed Irfan, along with three of his brothers even created WIIZ, a group of companies to work across many verticals and serve people in ways more than one to keep up the pace with the modern world. WIIZ is the acronym of the first letters of their names, Waqar, Imran, Irfan and Zeeshan. Currently, WIIZ is divided into three verticals; one is WIIZ Realtors LLP in the world of real estate, second is WIIZ Health tech, which handles medical, surgical and technical equipments in the healthcare sector, and the third is WIIZ LED that takes care of LED fittings and electrical accessories. All these ventures are already making a unique name for itself in their respective niches.

For the current trying times faced by the world due to a global health pandemic, many people have lost jobs and have been facing a financial crunch like never before. Syed Irfan and RR Group of Companies have stood unique even here and have been looking to diversify their business to create more employment opportunities for people. Learning from their father how to remain humble even after achieving the success one desires, Syed Irfan along with his brothers have continuously come to the aid of all those who require help during these tough times. Be it providing daily cooked meals, ration kits, oxygen cylinders, or getting COVID tests done for their employees; they have taken it up as their responsibility to help others in need under RR Charitable Trust with the guidance of their father.

Syed Irfan believes that ideas are born out of real-life circumstances and for him, travelling also opens up mindsets for people, helping them to generate unique ideas. Lastly, for all the other aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Syed Irfan says that one must work with full determination, patience and persistence and have an unflinching vision to achieve their definition of success.

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