Successful IT Entrepreneur Sandeep Tiwari making a mark in the world of Fantasy Gaming

Successful IT Entrepreneur Sandeep Tiwari making a mark in the world of Fantasy Gaming

The world of business is a fascinating one. Entrepreneurs have changed the way we talk, walk, breathe and practically do anything. Recent changes and developments continue to evolve living standards across the globe, thanks to new businesses.

One such land which has given one of the most significant numbers of entrepreneurs is India. We have witnessed some of the most creative innovations from Indian entrepreneurs and continue to witness new ones every three months.

This post is about one such creator and entrepreneur who has disrupted the world of technology with his creative and ambitious outlook on life. 

In this post, we discover everything about Sandeep Tiwari, founder and CEO of Digisun IT Network Pvt. Ltd. He is also the founder of the famous contest11 App and various other games. 

He has achieved a lot of success in a short period, and this post is written to motivate and encourage young budding entrepreneurs to follow their passion and get a glimpse of what all is possible with the right mindset.

Talking a bit about where this started from

To help you get a holistic view about all things and know about the journey of an entrepreneur, we will be talking about Sandeep’s journey from the very beginning, i.e., his childhood. Many things in life shape the way you look at things and innovate. Let’s look at how all these things impacted Sandeep’s life.

Sandeep Tiwari was born in the magical city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1992. Entrepreneurial character traits can generally be seen at an early age in an individual. He was inquisitive about how things and businesses worked from his childhood. He would ask hundreds of questions from his parents and teachers, which made them ponder over his way of thinking. 

He would present his own ways to do things and get appreciation at a younger age. Soon, he realised that execution was vital in all business ideas, and this gave him the motivation to try things and build his own business ventures. 

The Year 2014

Starting and successfully implementing business ideas at a younger age gave him the confidence to try more complicated businesses.

There was one thing that he noticed every business struggles with. No matter how good or bad your product is, marketing can change the face of your business. One thing he learned that would help you understand his thought process is – 

  • He witnessed companies with a fantastic product fail because they couldn’t reach their target audience effectively
  • There are also companies in the market which have an average, rather a product with subpar quality but it generates a lot of sales

This prompted him to realise the importance of Digital Marketing. Effective marketing techniques can change the future of your business and life. And as we live in a world which is dominated with digital ways. Every large corporation is online, and almost every other company is putting in efforts to increase their online presence.

This showed him the way to digital marketing and how some companies earned billions of dollars just by leveraging the power of online marketing. 

Story of the last 6 years

The year 2014 allowed Sandeep to realise his true calling in Digital Marketing. He was fascinated with every division of online marketing and began learning and experimenting.

He would spend hours and weeks into learning the basics of all these technologies and then implementing them in his businesses. During the last 6 years, he gained enormous success in many of his Digital Marketing ventures. Some of the divisions of Digital Marketing that he has mastered over this time are – 

  • Started with website creation and Optimisation
  • Mobile App development and promotion
  • SEO to rank websites on Google
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Facebook and Google Ads to build high ROAS campaigns

Along with implementing his ways in his business, he started helping companies both in India and abroad to run successful campaigns on social media. He made many loyal digital marketing customers whom he served by bringing in tons and tons of sales. 

The year 2019 and the MBA drop

Fast forward to the year 2019 when Sandeep was pursuing his MBA alongside his business ventures. Getting success in his businesses and gathering resources and tools to scale further, he got the motivation to drop out of his MBA and pursue his business full-time.

The Birth of Digisun IT Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Shortly after dropping out from his MBA, Sandeep Tiwari along with Ajay Awasthi started Digisun IT Network Pvt. Ltd. Starting from particular Digital Marketing services, Sandeep has already grown his team, and now Digisun is a full-fledged IT company offering an array of services and customers from all over the world. 

Fantasy online gaming 

Another love of Sandeep Tiwari is online fantasy gaming. The world of gaming has been fascinating him from childhood, and he has been experimenting in this space for a long time. 

One of the most exciting and upcoming divisions of gaming is Fantasy games. He is the founder of the famous contest11 App. Contest11 currently hosts a broad audience of gamers which regularly use the application.

Contest11 is all about fantasy gaming, and you can create your own game with players and also relate to sports events happening in the world. It is quite an addictive concept in which players make their own teams, and statistical analysis is used to award scores.

The algorithm behind the scoring process is sophisticated and thoughtfully created to give ultimate joy and excitement to players. He is currently investing time and money into improvising and introducing more features and versions of the game after witnessing the success that he has achieved.

The way ahead

Having a successful Digital Marketing company and a popular gaming application is a dream for budding tech entrepreneurs. The journey so far might be satisfying for a lot of people, but Sandeep has just started.

He has a big vision of growing his company to one of the leading marketing agencies in the world and further disrupt the gaming world with a membership of hundreds of millions. 

We wait for the developments coming in the future and announcement from Sandeep as he achieves more milestones and makes a name for India in the world of business!

Derek Robins

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