Stankevicius Interactive Media platform is a leader in editorial publishing

Stankevicius Interactive Media platform is a leader in editorial publishing

Stankevicius company is launching the world’s first and probably the most competitive media platform in December. Using Stankevicius Interactive Media companies can publish stories and announcements not just in press release format but also through editorial articles and interviews.

Stankevicius Interactive Media is an advanced media solution competitive to regular press release platforms provided by companies like PR Newswire and Business Wire. Stankevicius MGM created a new innovative platform to disrupt PR industry by providing editorial access to startups and small businesses.

The problem in the PR industry is limitation for small companies and startups to get into larger media. Journalists are not too interested in publishing small companies’ stories. According to Stankevicius, every business has a story and their message should be delivered and heard.

Currently private companies are forced to use press release distribution services because that is the only way to get published. Yet, publications in press release format are not as powerful and influential as publications in editorial format.

What is the difference between editorial and press release?

While press release is just a basic reprint of the text that company writes itself and published directly. All press release publications are marked with press release tag and are typically published under press release sections. These publications usually get lower views and visibility as people know that press releases are company’s drafted texts full of promotion.

On the other hand, editorial is something that is published via real journalist, a writer, a reporter or even media staff. Editorial is a text published by 3rd party showing that company is not really promoting itself but that 3rd parties are talking about the company in a positive way.

This brings the company’s brand awareness much higher, increases trust and also online SEO results.

Stankevicius Interactive Media platform connects company stories directly with relevant journalists, reporters, agencies and 3rd party publishers who are searching for the right stories in their field. Even though, the platform is paid, the platform’s monthly membership also includes free and unlimited publications in certain media.

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