Relationship Coach Alina Rose says the missing link for single women is feminine power

Relationship Coach Alina Rose says the missing link for single women is feminine power

Alina Rose, Australia’s leading dating and relationship coach, understands how it feels to be an accomplished woman – yet have a tough time finding a quality romantic partner.

Like many of her highly-accomplished female clients, she was wondering what she was doing wrong in dating – despite a successful career, attractive looks and intelligence, she just couldn’t land herself a steady boyfriend. That was 10 years ago, and since re-educating herself on the power of ‘feminine energy’, she is in a happy relationship with a man who is not intimidated by her ambition – and is helping other women attract the same!
“Many of my clients are frustrated because they’re kicking all their life goals, yet that intimate relationship is still missing” explains Alina Rose.

“Or they’re worried they have to downplay their achievements in order to have a lasting relationship. It’s frustrating! – but the missing link is not trying so hard, but being more receptive.”

Determined to discover what makes for a lasting relationship, Alina Rose made it her mission to observe the behaviour of couples and women, who had both career success and love. What were the secrets to having a lasting and genuinely happy relationship in our high-pressure world?

After dedicating years to mastering this, as well as achieving many qualifications such as Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP, the Diamond Codes process was born – a relationship program to help attract your soul mate in 6 months or less.
“In my research and application, I realised that there was absolutely nothing wrong with ambition – as women we are just conditioned by society that being successful means we can’t show our softer side” Alina Rose explains.

By taking women through a 10-step process to reclaim their feminine power and through unlearning a lot of what we’ve been taught about being “strong”, women connect to a new source of relationship intelligence. By participating in the Diamond Codes program, women are encouraged to dial up their confidence – and ensuring they set up a happy romantic foundation with the right man. Connect with Alina Rose on

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