On January 17, Samsung is set to Unveil New Phones that are AI-Powered

On January 17, Samsung is set to Unveil New Phones that are AI-Powered

Samsung just revealed that its newest Galaxy phones will be unveiled at a press conference on January 17 in San Jose, California.

Samsung is Apple’s main rival in the smartphone market. According to Counterpoint Research, the business holds a 20% portion of the worldwide smartphone industry, while Apple holds a 16% share. In contrast, Apple holds a 53% share of the US phone market, with Samsung holding a 25% share. New features that the iPhone does not have the potential to draw in more users.

On Tuesday night, Samsung said that its most recent gadgets will provide a “whole new mobile experience powered by AI.” Although the exact meaning of that is unknown, recent statements from rivals like Google and chipmakers like Qualcomm might shed some light on the matter.

In the past, Samsung has used Qualcomm CPUs in its devices sold in the US. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 for Android phones may be utilised by the newest models, which are probably going to be called the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. Typically, Samsung is one of the first phone manufacturers to use the newest CPUs from Qualcomm.

In October, Qualcomm announced that phones powered by its latest Snapdragon CPUs will be able to run generative AI apps straight from the device. It makes it possible for less sophisticated apps, like ChatGPT, to function offline. AI chatbots that operate on devices could facilitate more private talks by eliminating the need to send questions to the cloud.

Qualcomm also gave a demonstration of how its chips may be used to create graphics from a word string. Thus, for instance, if you type “create an image that shows a man driving a car,” a picture will be generated. That is comparable to what the Pixel 8 Pro’s Tensor G3 chip from Google allows. Based on a user-selected list of words, that phone may generate personalised phone wallpapers.

Google’s Gemini Nano AI model, which can compose text responses and transcribe recorded conversations among other things, is also compatible with the Pixel 8 Pro. AI is frequently used to enhance images and movies.


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