CHICX MAG Launches in Times Square: Ushering in a New Epoch of Fashion Journalism on Valentine’s Day

CHICX MAG Launches in Times Square: Ushering in a New Epoch of Fashion Journalism on Valentine’s Day

CHICX MAG, a new fashion magazine, is set to launch on February 14th in New York’s Times Square, marking a significant shift in fashion journalism. The magazine aims to redefine style and trendsetting through its innovative approach. Vinay Raj, the Founder and CEO, leads CHICX MAG with a vision to pioneer a fashion renaissance.Key Highlights of CHICX MAG:Content Diversity: The magazine will feature exclusive interviews with fashion leaders, trend forecasts, visually engaging narratives, global fashion insights, and an integration of fashion with lifestyle and culture.Launch Event: The grand launch in Times Square will include digital exhibitions, live performances, and the unveiling of the first issue, attracting fashion industry professionals, celebrities, and media.Commitment to Sustainability: CHICX MAG emphasizes sustainable fashion practices.Team Composition: The magazine is backed by experienced journalists and fashion experts.Availability: It will be available in both print and digital formats, with special subscription offers.Open Invitation: The public is invited to attend the launch event.CHICX MAG, blending fashion with global culture and lifestyle, and led by visionary leadership, is poised to become a leading voice in international fashion journalism.

New York’s illustrious Times Square is set to host the much-anticipated debut of CHICX MAG on February 14th, heralding a new era in fashion journalism. This landmark event promises to redefine the paradigms of style, trendsetting, and the core of contemporary fashion, marking a pivotal shift in the industry.

Pioneering a Fashion Renaissance

CHICX MAG transcends traditional boundaries to initiate a renaissance in fashion journalism. It emerges as a vanguard platform, celebrating the multifaceted nature, ingenuity, and progressive evolution of the fashion realm. Boasting avant-garde design, exhaustive analytical content, and a progressive outlook, CHICX MAG is on course to become an indispensable beacon for fashion aficionados, designers, and industry connoisseurs.

Visionary Leadership at the Forefront

Guiding CHICX MAG’s journey is Vinay Raj, the Founder and CEO, whose innovative leadership and fervent passion for fashion are pivotal in shaping the magazine’s ethos. Under his stewardship, CHICX MAG is charting an unprecedented path in the annals of fashion journalism.

Magazine Highlights

CHICX MAG presents an eclectic mix of content:

  • Exclusive Interviews: Delving into deep conversations with fashion luminaries and burgeoning talents.
  • Trend Forecasts: Providing astute analyses of prevailing trends and prognosticating future fashion trajectories.
  • Visual Narratives: Crafting compelling fashion stories with a robust visual narrative.
  • Global Insights: Offering comprehensive coverage of the international fashion landscape, presenting a worldly view of style.
  • Lifestyle Integration: Merging fashion with lifestyle, culture, and art, exploring their confluence.

The Grand Launch Event

The Times Square launch is poised to be a grandiose celebration of fashion, featuring an array of digital exhibitions, live artistic performances, and the premiere of the magazine’s inaugural issue. The event will convene esteemed personalities from the fashion industry, celebrities, influencers, and media figures.

Dedication to Sustainability

CHICX MAG is committed to sustainability, advocating for environmentally conscious fashion practices and fostering discussions on this crucial subject.

The Creative Force Behind CHICX MAG

The CHICX MAG ensemble includes seasoned journalists, fashion mavens, and creative virtuosos, all united by their collective passion for fashion and the art of storytelling.

Subscription Details

CHICX MAG will be accessible in both print and digital formats. Subscriptions are currently available, featuring exclusive early bird offers and unique subscriber privileges.

Invitation to the Launch

We cordially invite you to partake in the launch event, witnessing the birth of a publication set to revolutionize fashion journalism.

For additional information, media inquiries, or to confirm your attendance at the launch event, please contact:

Vinay Raj

Founder, CEO


+1 (267) 678-9094

Connect with CHICX MAG


Rooted in the vibrant city of New York, CHICX MAG is a trailblazing fashion magazine, seamlessly blending fashion, culture, and lifestyle. With its international perspective, pioneering content, and dedication to sustainability, CHICX MAG is set to emerge as a dominant voice in global fashion journalism.

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