Nakshrajsinh Sisodiya, Indian fashion wizard making a statement with his line of men’s clothing

Nakshrajsinh Sisodiya, Indian fashion wizard making a statement with his line of men’s clothing

An Indian, third generation entrepreneur, Nakshraj is spearheading his way into the Indian fashion scene and gradually emerging as a young and successful icon. He has established himself as a designer while running four apparel stores in Gujarat. Even during the Covid outbreak he was keeping busy creating a buzz around his Men’s fashion label.

It had been his dream to come up with a next-door men’s fashion brand for our country’s youth. Even the pandemic could not keep him from pursuing what he had been aiming for all this while. He has been one of the most occupied entrepreneurs out there even during these trying times.

Nakshraj comes from the city of Gujarat. He started his journey back in the day and has been vocal about a diversity of issues that our country is facing since. He is proactive about giving it back to the society in every way possible and never misses a chance to voice his opinions. He thinks an entrepreneur can commission change in the society like no one else.

He is 25, and has already built himself a fashion empire. Although he is fairing well in terms of growth and revenue but here’s what he has to say about himself and the current scenario – “Inner cities are abandoned and torn from within. Workers are concerned about their futures, and youths see little prospects for a better life. Solutions are not clear, and improvements are difficult. This is not success; this is just the tip of ice berg “

His present stores called “The Krishna Selection (Mafatlal Family Shop)” are located in Mehsana, Patan, Palanpur in North Gujarat (India). He is eyeing to come up with stores in all the major cities of our country. With these, he has a wide variety of traditional wear, readymade garments and quirky accessories to offer his clients. These can be customized basis the client’s requirement and the statement they are looking to make with their clothes. He specialized and curating authentic marriage attires but also undertakes other fashion related events.

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