Mohit Gupta : The Youngest Trader Who is Reforming Day Trading

Mohit Gupta : The Youngest Trader Who is Reforming Day Trading

The imposing Oak Tree you see was once a tiny sapling, who grew up to be grand by braving the contrary wind. The shiny diamond you see was once a lump of coal, which became the object of adoration after holding its stead under pressure.

Same is the story of Mohit Gupta, the Gorakhpur based Trade wiz. He faced a hundred hard blows from life, yet his endurance and consistency have made him the successful man in front of us today.

To understand the making of Mohit Gupta, we will have to travel back to 2014. After passing his secondary school certificate exams, Gupta decided to try his hand in the trading market. He bagged a loan of 1 lakh INR for this venture.

With no Godfather above him and no gig to fall back on, Mohit went full throttle into trading. As cruel fate would have it, two days of trading and mere hours away from his birthday, a curveball bearing a loss of 40,000 INR came hurling at Mohit.

Mohit took a damaging hit from this. Who wouldn’t? The depression and despair that Mohit experienced during this time would have been enough to make a lesser man quit but not Mohit, he preserved and took note what brought him down.

He arrived on the answer, that there was not enough education and awareness about the Stock Market and made it his mission to make that a thing of the past. Mohit took a step back and instead of diving headfirst into investments, he made a tagline to reflect his new direction – Analysis is My First Priority. This new direction not only brought profits to Mohit but also to the ones he had begun teaching.

Initially, he professed stock market education through social media platforms like Facebook, and after that, he branched out to making educational and analytical videos on Youtube. More than 500 students all over the country are under his wing. Apart from social media, Mohit has also given seminars all over the country.

He has spoken in the buzzing metropolitan cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Udaipur, Mumbai, and many more. There he taught students about trading, and gave knowledge about gaining success.

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