Meet Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka desirichkid, a 17-year-old, high performing, drop shipping entrepreneur and consultant

Meet Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka desirichkid, a 17-year-old, high performing, drop shipping entrepreneur and consultant

Manjeet is one such passionate entrepreneur in the drop shipping industry, who focused only on improving his skills and developing his knowledge to fulfil all his dreams in life.

Manjeet was born and brought up in a small city near Berlin. He had been dreaming of making a fortune for himself since he was 13 and had made up his mind to find success in the business world. His ambition was always to live a great luxurious life with luxury watches and vehicles at his disposal. Manjeet never wanted to work for anyone else but always wanted to be his own boss. He was always intrigued by his idols’ glamorous lives and was willing to lead a life exactly like theirs. With this goal he set out to establish his own drop shipping business and today has become one of the best in the business sector. He says “One of the major reasons why I wanted to work for myself is the flexibility owning your business offers and you can work at your own pace without being under constant watch or surveillance of your employers”.

The young entrepreneur has trained people and helped them set up a profitable drop shipping company that helps them to earn a monthly income of six figures. Speaking about his business journey, the initial time of his drop shipping venture was tough, he was running in losses, but as they say loss is just a small part of a successful business. He tested with new products and sold them. Slowly, he started getting results. He says, “I started taking baby steps towards getting better results. The first result was $100 per day, then gradually it jumped to $500 per day. After few months, I started to work even harder.” Manjeet is also deeply engaged in investing in real estate and building huge residential and commercial property portfolios and has indeed arrived with a bang with a fleet of luxury 4 wheelers at his disposal, such as McLaren and Mercedes S-Class. To improve his personal growth, he also reads a lot of books. He refers a lot to readings such as ‘Rich Dad Bad Dad’ and ‘How to win friends and influence people’ which have helped him tremendously.

Manjeet currently owns 6 online stores under his umbrella with all the major brands and has more than 2500 international customers who have partnered with him for his drop shipping business. He has now turned to educate young entrepreneurs with such tremendous success on how to start and successfully run the drop shipping business through his consultancy company called ‘Drop Shipping University’. To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @Desirichkid or visit

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