Maya Bernaia, with Metarollers, rolls effortlessly to the top of the GameFi scene at a global level

Maya Bernaia, with Metarollers, rolls effortlessly to the top of the GameFi scene at a global level

Metarollers serves as a skill-based and creativity-based game for mobile platforms, offering players incredible opportunities to play, have fun and earn massively.

A closer look around will draw people’s attention to the many evident changes that have taken place in industries around the world. These changes that come directly from the power of the digital space have gone ahead in making prominent developments in varied niches, which has what brought the world closer through the digital mediums, such as the power of the digital space, which today has embraced in it almost every industry, paving the path of growth of various play2earn games as well in the GameFi sector worldwide. Contributing heavily to the same is a high-performing digital entrepreneur, investor, and cryptocurrency community builder named Maya Bernaia, who is the brain behind her one-of-a-kind strategic solutions company named IAmFuture. As the Founder and CEO of the company, she has excelled in the digital space and now has made people skating accessible in the metaverse.

With her phenomenal play2earn game Metarollers, Maya Bernaia has been taking giant strides in the world of GameFi, a space that already has seen tons of other play2earn games. Still, Metarollers stands tall and unique from the rest for facilitating players to transfer in-game rewards to anything with real-world value. The much-talked-about game is set to launch on 30th September 2022 as an off-shoot of her strategic solutions platform IAmFuture.

The Ukraine-born tech and digital entrepreneur, who has been a keen Rollerskating enthusiast all her life, thought of coming up with something that could disrupt the play2earn niche in the metaverse for the better, and that is how Metarollers became one of her most ambitious projects, which was about creating a new world for skaters within the metaverse, with the aim to provide a tribute to the skating community all over the world. Maya Bernaia speaking about her project, says that it stimulates creativity and encourages creative people to be brave and lead themselves forward in creativity and entrepreneurship, which has what made it a highly anticipated skill-based and creativity-based play2earn game. Players in the game are required to perform tricks, dodge obstacles, collect artefacts, and enjoy the setup. Collecting artefacts can then help them gain NFTs, which they can trade globally.

Not just that, she explains that the game play will provide players with the opportunity to be more creative, socialize and get additional income in an enjoyable way. “Future” is its own token that governs the game and that which connects different components in the digital ecosystem IAmFuture on the Binance Chain.

Maya Bernaia highlights that only a week before when Ukraine was hit by the terrible war, they created their NFTs about the Metarollers girls. The team created an NFT collection of carelessly skating girls as a homage to all whose life is a struggle, who can’t play carelessly, and who are exposed to inequality and danger, with the aim to celebrate happy childhood and equal rights of all the children in the world for balanced development and education.

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