Meet Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, making her moves as a “Rebellious” soul, impacting lives.

Meet Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, making her moves as a “Rebellious” soul, impacting lives.

She has to her name a flourishing skincare and hair-care brand QCD Organics, a clothing brand, and soon an herbal salon as well.

So much has already been spoken about how a few people have been paving their way to the top in their respective industries and what steps they are taking in order to do that. So many of them have come to the forefront of most of the sectors around the world for multiple incredible factors, among which their passion for their work and a never-give-up attitude play a huge role in helping them become the success stories they are today in their respective niches. Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, has been one of them. Her never-give-up attitude and strong mental fortitude helped her become her best version in all her endeavours.

Rebellious Chantele is the one who always believed that there was something in her that could help her get nearer the success she always sought in her journey and career. Instead of depending on what opportunities could knock on her doors, she chose to create new ones for herself, and that is how she went ahead in becoming a business owner, and the brain behind QCD Organics (, a growing all-vegan and organic hair-care and skincare products, besides running her clothing line and being a rising actor, model, and influencer.

The rising entrepreneur from Atlanta, the US, is quite deservedly called Rebellious Chantele because she is the one who believes in owning oneself and taking pride in standing up for oneself or for people similar to them, who go through a lot and overcome all those struggles to become their best versions.

On social media, Rebellious Chantele makes sure to connect with most of the people and her followers through compelling content, offering them positivity through the ups and downs of depression. Her brand QCD Organics, is an extension of her belief that the world needs to embrace more of everything that is sustainable. Hence, with her handmade vegan/organic skincare and hair care products, she has become a thriving business owner.

Rebellious Chantele (@rebellious_chantele) is now excited to open a new herbal salon for hair and skincare and be a part of new music and TV premiers.

Derek Robins

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