Marcoof500 Journey to Durag Bandit EP release

Marcoof500 Journey to Durag Bandit EP release

Some creatives want to simply entertain, some just want to build an audience. Others, like Marcoof500, aim to create an entire legacy. Set on making not just incredible music but building an empire around other great creatives, Marcoof500 has big plans. 

Born Marquis Deonte Alexander Tarver, Marcoof500 is a 22-year-old from Fort Belvoir, VA. As an artist, producer, label owner and all-round entrepreneur, Marcoof500 has a vision that he is determined to see materialize. Founding 500 Entertainment LLC, Marcoof500 has created a place where he can inspire and give a platform to other creatives struggling to see a way forward. Marcoof500 knows how hard it can be to make your way in life. He has noble and ambitious plans to guide young artists toward sustainable careers. These are the beginnings of an exciting legacy. 

As an artist, Marcoof500 creates fiercely original hip-hop and rap. Influenced by Young Pappy, Lil JoJo, FBG Duck and Blac Youngsta, amongst others, Marcoof500 has crafted his own contemporary style. It sounds chart-ready and instantly addictive. Amassing an army of fans affectionately referred to as members of ‘The Cartel’, Marcoof500 is primed and ready to make a significant impact in 2020. Having toured to California, Hawaii and even Japan, this is an artist on a steep upward trajectory. New EP ‘Durag Bandit’, due in September, promises to be another significant step forward for a creative on a mission. Engage with an artist who truly means it, a passionate creative who’s in it for way more than the fame and money; listen to Marcoof500, today.

Marcoof500’s sound is fiercely original and set to capture new fans across the country. He blends a lyrical approach, weaving stories and rich narratives with a huge-energy, high-voltage production that you can help but react to. ‘US Times Now’ didn’t mince their words when they stated that ‘nearly every track Marco writes is banger-material…..catchy as hell’

Cartel favorite, ‘Take Me Away’ is a great example of Marco’s contemporary and complex style. TWT Music described its mix of ‘precise bars and slick production’ and the track has gone on to be synonymous with Marco’s exciting style. There’s emotional honesty that cuts through to the audience and has made Marco a highly relatable artist. 

This is lyrical and anthemic hip-hop at its finest and it has the artist on a steep upward trajectory. Cut through with a determined desire to elevate himself and change the world for those around him, this sense of direction and drive bleeds through in narrative lyrical structures and inspiring and motivational beats. Marco himself says that true inspiration comes from striving to be better, not just for himself but for his fans, too. 

Whether you’re looking to get the party started or you need a motivational kick to take things to the next level, Marcoof500 has the tracks to get you moving. It’s time to takes things up a gear.

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