Lesiba Mothupi – school dropout to millionaire

Lesiba Mothupi – school dropout to millionaire

Lesiba Mothupi born in a small town, Polokwane faced many difficulties from his early childhood. With his two siblings and mother, he even lived in a garage when he was 14 years old. Using his will power and positive energy leads him to stand as a young entrepreneur.

At a young age, Lesiba Mothupi shifted to Lephalale with his parents and two siblings. He was not too good at studies and dropped out of university. His family was not financially strong. He was passionate about skateboarding from the age of 14, but he was not monetarily strong to pursue his passion. He started selling chips and sweets to fuel his passion and to earn something for his family. It was the start of his entrepreneurial life. During this period he learned a lot about business growth and development from a local market.

Life-Changing Point

It was a difficult time for him when he lost his dear friend. It ruined his state of mind. He quit university and started drinking alcohol and weeds. Lesiba had started selling weeds, as he believes that a black boy could only earn money by illegal means. But his family supported him to get rid of alcohol and weeds.

In 2018, he started investing in many different businesses, which one by one led him to lose his money and left him with $100k debt. His multiple income streams helped him stay passionate. He didn’t lose hope even after having this loss. With a positive attitude, he stands up every time with more positive energy. 

Turn To Millionaire 

He earned a million dollars when he was 22 years old, after learning forex trading, and within a few months, he got another million. He used this money to pay his debt and support his family. 

He has attained financial freedom at a very young age. Recently he got his dream car Mercedes Benz A45. 

Now, he is focusing on his career, established Forex Chasers. He and his team are determined to give value to the customers. He said that he never teaches people how to earn money, but he focuses on educating people on how consistently revenue is possible.  

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