Lake in Turkey could answer life on Mars

Lake in Turkey could answer life on Mars

Similitudes between a lake in southwestern Turkey and the Jezero Crater on Mars has caught the enthusiasm of U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in its examination on conceivable life on the Red Planet, as indicated by a researcher.

The mineral makeup between the Martian hole and Lake Salda in Burdur territory, Turkey, was set up with morphological and far off detecting, Candan Gökçeoğlu, a teacher of topographical building at Hacettepe University in Turkey’s capital Ankara, disclosed to Anadolu Agency.

What could be compared to 687 Earth days. The downturn is thought to have been home to a huge lake – and maybe microbial life – as per the space office.

Gökçeoğlu, who is additionally an individual from Turkey’s Environmental and Natural Assets Science Board, reviewed an ongoing Twitter post by NASA on Friday, in which it brought up the similitudes among Jezero and Salda.

“Though located a world away, Lake Salda, #Turkey, has geological similarities to Jezero Crater on #Mars. In fact, researchers even did field work at Lake Salda to prepare for #CountdownToMars,” it stated, comparing top-see pictures of Jezero and Salda.

“You may not be able to travel to Jezero Crater on Mars, but you can visit the next best thing: Lake Salda, Turkey,” said NASA’s Earth Observatory.

“Though it is located a world away, Lake Salda shares similar mineralogy and geology as the dry Martian lakebed.”

Gökçeoğlu clarified that researchers had discovered similitudes between a sort of silt found in Salda that is framed by green growth – microorganisms basic to the making of appropriate climatic conditions forever arrangement – and minerals identified in Jezero.

NASA is presently attempting to comprehend if Mars is currently like Earth the way was 3.5 billion years prior, he said.

“So, the samples that the spacecraft will bring to Earth about whether there is really activity of primitive lifeforms will provide a full understanding of this,” he said.

Emphasizing that Lake Salda is special both outwardly and logically, Gökçeoğlu focused on that it must be preserved for its logical incentive too.

He noticed that Salda is under the most noteworthy preservation system as a “Special Environmental Protection Area.”

“We shouldn’t just leave the protection activity to the state, we as individuals should do our part.”

Salda may turn out to be more well known on the planet in mid-2022, he stated, after the examination directed by NASA’s Perseverance wanderer.

“If it is truly mineralogically similar, then human beings will be able to say, ‘Now, Mars is 3.5 billion years younger than the earth, it’s on its way to become a planet like Earth.'”

He said the exploration on the Mars tests and Salda would be “the most important proof of this.”

Otherwise called Turkey’s Maldives, the lake in Turkey’s focal Burdur territory has been a well known goal for tourists lately with its white sea shore and clear water.

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