March 2021 – Sometimes, it takes a dark time before someone can see the light, and bring it to other people. This is definitely the case of All For God Muzik’s CEO, SM, better known as Sean Elliott. He spent seven years in prison, but once he was granted release in 2019, he pledged to use his time and passion for music to do good for his community. As a result, All For God Muzik was developed in order to bring something special to the audience, and give the audience a taste of some of the best Gospel music out there, not to mention his love for Jesus Christ, and his message of hope and freedom.

This remarkable organization was born from a lot of passion, and the willingness and desire to do good in the community. This is particularly remarkable, especially considering these crazy times that we have been experiencing. Today, more so than ever before, artists need an outlet, and a reason to keep grinding and stay positive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – a horrible situation that often prevents talented people from going out there and make their music. However, Sean Elliott (AKA SM) is here to change all that, and provider artists with a much-needed platform. AFG offers them the possibility to truly be themselves and experience some amazing resources and connection with the local music scene and beyond. This is a truly remarkable initiative, which will hopefully inspire many other people all over the country to do the same. Not only is AFG supporting the voices of local talents that are often struggling to be heard, but the organization is also spreading the word about our hope and savior Jesus Christ, sending inspiration and good vibes to people of all walks of life.

Sean has been into music all of his life, and he knows what it takes to Find out more about AFG MUZIK (All For God MUZIK) and connect:

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