Interview with Ritika Gulati – India’s Renowned Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist

Interview with Ritika Gulati – India’s Renowned Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist

Ritika, You are so fit. Have you always been diet & Fitness freak?

No, I was obese and learnt the importance of healthy eating and fitness when I actually started getting embarrassed. At the same time, when I used to go for shopping and used to get disappointed listening “sorry we don’t have your size” not just that I noticed people out there laughing and making fun. I used to eat everything that came my way without even thinking of how bad it could be. But once I started my journey, I never looked back in fact I love seeing my patients/clients achieving their fitness goals. I feel blessed

Ok, so we can say, that made you choose this career?

Yes you can say that because only I know that this journey wasn’t easy, and then I decided to choose this subject to study and get in-depth knowledge to help people achieve their fitness & lifestyle goals. Trust me, seeing my patients getting fitter gives me immense satisfaction.

It’s seen people follow really random diets what’s your say on that?

Unfortunately, in India, people follow random advice, which could be dangerous. In a rush to lose weight quickly, most people take medicine or some other edibles which harm them in the long run. So I would like to say don’t rush to lose and please follow the experts and don’t take medicines for weight loss without knowing the side effect. Instead, follow a healthy lifestyle as that can make you lose kilos and will help you keep it off for life. Big No to those low-calorie Yo- Yo  fad diets

Ritika according to you, which is the most important meal of the day?

Like all meals are important but yes Breakfast is most important so one should never miss the first meal of the day should eat within 1-2 hour of wakeup time.

We know people get benefitted with your consultations Ms Gulati Can you plz tell us bit for our readers how it can be beneficial?

One who joins learn to lead a healthy lifestyle develops the understanding of healthy and unhealthy food, and most importantly,  learn to workout without stressing and over pushing. Not just this; will master the art of picking the right food options. It’s far more than just weight loss.

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