Inspiring Story of Best Fitness trainer of Dubai Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro

Inspiring Story of Best Fitness trainer of Dubai Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro

We feel its right to motivate people in a pandemic time by sharing some of the inspiring stories of an entrepreneur, entertainers and also fitness experts. In this fast life, we have to remain active mentally and physically to take the burden and setbacks of life and that it is only possible when you care for your body and mind. 

Today many fitness trainers around the world have added special mental boosters like Yoga and all which can give their clients relaxation with good exercise. 

As we are talking about and inspiring stories we would like to highlight Najab Mohamed aka najm retro Born in India on September 10 1990. He chooses this field of fitness training because the family he came from he was the weakest physically. So he was bullied most of the days during school. Once, bachelor’s degree was done, he was all set to take his passion for fitness to the next level as he chose it as a career. 

In the last ten years, he won many titles which gave him a luxurious life and name, which helped him become Dubai’s best fitness trainer for celebrities, sportspeople and athletes. 

Lazar Angelov inspires him a lot in his life. A Bulgarian Fitness model who has 1000’s of clients and has never backed down from any challenges which have shown him to do the same.

Najm Retro feels today fitness comes first, the people in the world need a good fit body and mind to fight covid-19 and slowdown in the global economy. Najm Retro managed to change his fitness style to online classes as well, which resulted in him having clients from all over the world, and that has kept him going.

Since he comes in the list of the best fitness trainers in Dubai, he has helped many bodybuilders for their competition; he always preferred having the fitness sessions short and simple. These days, people have become so busy with parties and diet has become junk food. Najm Retro has asked his clients to eat whatever they want but in a controlled manner.

 Being there in this field for more than ten years, he has seen many big achievements in life and also won dozens of trophies that came from the competition that he had participated in. He has also helped his clients win many arm-wrestling competitions, men’s physique competition and Sports athletes to other titles.

Najm Retro and all top fitness trainers of the world knows that it is a tough time for all but this too will pass away if we remain fit by mind and body. It feels great to share the motivational story of a fitness trainer who started his journey from India and becomes Dubai’s best fitness trainer. Do follow Najm Retro on IG to get all the motivation for 2021.

Derek Robins

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