India’s displeasure against the US for its F16 deal with Pakistan

India’s displeasure against the US for its F16 deal with Pakistan

Mumbai Dt. 3 (Representative): India has expressed its displeasure against US President Joe Biden’s terror-sponsoring decision to provide $450 million (Rs 3651 crore) financial assistance to Pakistan for F-16 fighter jets on September 8, 2022. A feeling has arisen among the Indian citizens that joining hands with Pakistan is like fueling terrorism in a way, and against this, a large public movement was held in Nagpur followed by Mumbai. In the background of this position taken by America, the demand to ban American goods in the Indian market is also gaining momentum. Also, through social media #Boycott America was trending throughout the day.

The terrorist act of Pakistan has made the entire world cussed. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strangled Indian Pakistan many times through his international policy. In that, America has taken this step to increase the courage of Pakistan. The international relations between India and the US are well known. In the same way economic relations have been preserved to a large extent. India is adding to US revenue through economic policy. However, although America is providing practical assistance to Pakistan for economic benefits, there is a feeling that this role will act as an impetus for the growth of terrorism. This raises the question why India should not boycott American goods in the Indian market. Against this backdrop, Vir Yodha organization of Maharashtra staged a strong protest at Azad Maidan in Mumbai.

Thousands of people along with Maharashtra state head of Veer Yoddha Sangathan Shrikant Ranjankar took to the streets against the US action. The demand to ban American goods is now coming forward, expressing strong anger about this terror-sponsoring role of America. After China, India has the power to defeat America as well. Indian citizens have shown their opposition through the #BoycottAmerica campaign in India to ban American products like Netflix, Coca-Cola, amazon etc.

The direct link between Pakistan and terrorism around the world has been proved by the terror attacks of 9/11, 26/11 and this is the same F16 aircraft that was used by Pakistan to carry out the Balaghat airstrike. In such a situation, Indians have felt that America is directly fueling terrorism by providing financial support for fighter jets like F16. India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh have strongly objected to the US-Pakistan deal. US Assistant Secretary of Defense Eli Reitner says that the aid to Pakistan is for the benefit of the US. There is a feeling among Indians that even saying that India has nothing to do with this is unacceptable.

America makes a huge amount of money by selling its goods around the world. If the same income is used by America by selling its goods in the Indian market to help a country like Pakistan that feeds terrorism, then it is a kind of insult to the soldiers who are fighting day and night on the border for India and the martyrs who have sacrificed for the country. Also, the objections raised recently by the Wall Street Journal on the strong economic stance of the central government are also reprehensible. Against this background, the feeling of anger against the US will intensify in the coming time and various organizations have taken the role of protesting against this.

Alekh Kumar

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