Indian singer Nikhil Gangavane gets BACK TO YOU

Indian singer Nikhil Gangavane gets BACK TO YOU

After a huge success of millions of downloads of The Michael Jackson Anthem that Nikhil Gangavane made for his idol Michael Jackson back in 2003, the singer went in an exile for 15 long years and now he is BACK TO YOU with his new music. Nikhil Gangavane, also known as TheFinalMiracle® in the world of spirituality and photography has composed background scores for many documentaries. He
commercially launched The Michael Jackson Anthem and a funky pop song BACK TO YOU as his first step in the resurrection of his career.

We talked to the singer about his upcoming releases and other work.

What are your plans after Back to You?
I have 4 tracks ready for immediate release but obviously I will be doing it in a phased manner when it comes to releasing them. The Michael Jackson Anthem and Back to You were technically recorded back then. I couldn’t do much with them as much of the VSTs and other technical stuff used in it has
become outdated. I knew that this was a setback in a way because the audience might find the sound a bit retro, but that’s fine. My next releases can be categorized into pop, soft-rock, ballad, symphonic music and electro-pop.

What are your next releases about?
The first two songs I am releasing are love songs titled I’ll Have to Cry and Angel. The next two talk more about life addressing different problems. I think my catalogue is going to be too diverse when it comes to genre or feel of the songs. A lot of my songs might also help the people I spiritually
counsel or heal.

Michael Jackson has been your idol in music since you were a kid, he must be a big influence on you when it comes to music as art or business!

Well there were some direct lessons and some indirect ones. The most important thing is that I was advised about the importance of owning my music, correct licensing and other business aspects of the music industry. I also learnt a lot about PR (Public Relations). Handling his fan club officially
meant doing some things as they were told without questions asked. In the whole process, there was a lot to learn and understand the reasons behind every marketing move. And all fans know the most obvious things to learn from him… perfection in work and humanitarian efforts. I had also started a music label on his advice but it didn’t last for long because of the lack of a good team.

You used to organise a charity concert titled “Heal the World Concert” every year, as a part of your official fan club activity. Do you plan to restart those concerts for performing on stage in general?

It has been a while since I have performed live, and of course, every artist loves to be on the stage. When there is a purpose like a charity concert behind it, it has all the more reasons. But at the moment I don’t know if the audience is still interested in me as a Michael Jackson performer and I
still have to see reception of my original music. When there is a right offer from some event managers or companies, I will start performing on stage again. It’s always great interacting with a live audience.

You and Bollywood legend Shammi Kapoor shared a father-son like relation, didn’t you ever try to get into the Indian film music with his help?

That’s what most people wonder about, but then that was the purity of my relationship with Shammiji. He surely could have put a word for me somewhere if I asked him to, but I never asked him for any such help. Not every relation is to be exploited for benefits, I might earn success but I
might lose that relation which is far more precious to me. If Shammiji was himself producingsomething I might have requested him to take my music into consideration but that wasn’t the case. He always used to advise me on various topics and one of the advice was “On the bus-stop of your
artistic career you will be waiting for the bus which takes you to your success. Keep loving what you do and keep working hard, sooner or later your bus is going to pick you up and transport you to the destination called success. Till then, don’t lose your patience and leave the bus-stop, else you might miss your bus when it arrives”.

Well… even today I know many celebrities and influential people in the Indian film industry but I have never asked them for any recommendations. If there is any work, I will do it directly for them as
I always offer my services and they will accept it if they feel I deserve it.

Is your photography one of such projects?

Oh yes! I work independently, yet when it comes to films I have directly asked for photography assignments to people I know. Photography somewhat keeps me on the toes and energetic. Music, on the other hand, wears me down emotionally if I am working on a song too much. Whenever I take any photography assignment, my basic condition is the freedom to work as and how I want to. I can decide what to shoot, when to shoot and how to shoot. I am totally thankful to our industry greats like Nana Patekar and Mahesh Manjrekar who gave me this freedom to move around on the sets, without that I couldn’t have given the results I have. When you feel someone is trusting you for your job you do it much better than you usually would.

Will your photography career continue alongside your rising music career?

Nothing is going anywhere. Everything continues as long as time demands it. It’s too early to anticipate where my music career is going, but I am hoping to achieve some decent heights if not big stardom. Music and Photography is something I will never stop doing because I love doing that. Even my work in spiritual counselling and healing has been quite a stable activity over almost 2 decades now. God has ways to tell where to go and when, I guess I just have to observe and follow the signs.

We wish you the best for your future projects!
Thank you

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