Hollywood Director is hungry for more success-Dalyboy Belgason

Hollywood Director is hungry for more success-Dalyboy Belgason

When you think of a film maker passionate about his craft, you cannot ignore the phenomenal Dalyboy Belgason.The award winning movie producer who clinched 4 awards, with 7 nominations at the MPAH Movie Awards for his flick, ‘Heart Breakers Revenge, noted that inspite of all he has accomplished, he is hungry for more success.

“Whatever I have achieved is little compared to where I am going. I’m hungry for more success. I want to be well known as one of top directors in Hollywood and Nollywood .I want to create value every time”.

With his quality of movies like In the eyes of her husband, Facebook Hustler, My Red Car and Clock Deadline at 30ish, Belgason is one entertainer who strives to be different.

On what drives him, the driven entrepreneur said :” I want my name to be synonymous with excellence. Though we are all a work in progress, I believe in making movies that will test of time.I desire to be a point of reference in filmmaking”.

Sharing some of the common mistakes filmmakers make, Belgason said: “One of the common mistakes filmmakers make in this part of the world is that they repeat the same storylines and are fond of rushing on movie sets. They don’t spend enough time in directing the film. Editors are also always in a rush to edit the movies. Excellence should not be compromised. Bad casting is also another mistake filmmakers make. At times, filmmakers cast people who don’t have the capacity and talent to interpret a role. Adequate preparation is also key when it comes to making a movie. It’s incredibly important to be prepared when making a movie, but oftentimes new filmmakers make these errors because they don’t know what to prepare for”

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