Helping Adolescents, Teenagers, and Young Adults through Books and Philanthropy

Adolescents and teenagers experience several challenges while maneuvering the complex world of social relationships, peer pressure, and personal growth. Many factors compel or force teenagers into unfavorable circumstances preventing them from living healthy and fulfilling lives. Some bad decisions made in weak moments create lifelong problems for many individuals who have nothing to do but regret their actions and behavior. For example, socializing with the wrong people, unsafe sex, and drug use can adversely affect a person’s prospects by hindering growth opportunities. Some prominent issues stemming from keeping bad company, inadequate socioeconomic circumstances, and poor decisions include drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancies, and sexual assault or trafficking. Such problems require immediate attention from society to improve children’s prospects while ensuring a productive and constructive society for future generations. People can create awareness and help teenagers and adolescents through various mediums, including philanthropy, books, and social welfare initiatives.

Society and people can help teenagers and youths make good decisions while avoiding numerous problems by increasing awareness and offering guidance and support. Adult guidance and support go a long way in shaping children’s lives and behavior because they instill the values necessary for becoming active members of society. Adults must also teach and train teenagers to avoid problems inhibiting their academic and professional careers. Many people speak on prominent platforms to motivate and guide teenagers to make decisions effectively. Others write books to increase awareness of living healthy and fulfilling lives while achieving maximum potential through effort and hard work. However, some people engage in multiple activities and strive to improve the world by guiding youths and teenagers through books, speeches, and philanthropic activities. Manny Showalter is among the people helping children and adults through motivational speeches, books, and advice.

Manny D. Showalter is a businessman, motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist who supports young people via his talks, publications, and charitable endeavors. Manny Showalter built prosperous real estate businesses while acquiring considerable financial and managerial skills. In 2010, he started giving motivational talks where he shared his methods for success. Showalter also wrote books and transcribed his experiences to help others lead happy and fulfilling lives. He co-created “Girl Talk Bistro,” one of the earliest YouTube podcasts, in 2012. Showalter subsequently established the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation in 2015. The Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation solves numerous social issues while enhancing awareness and financial literacy among young people through books and mentorship. Using the Self-Made model developed by Showalter, the foundation helps young people to have healthy, affluent lives. Showalter also created the Protect Your Egg head protective gear for participants in contact sports in 2016 to lower the chance of concussions.

Showalter attended elementary and high school in his hometown. He fell into bad company and took some wrong turns but eventually went to college, defying all odds and turning his life around. Showalter studied for a BBA at Central Western University to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to become a successful entrepreneur and run a business. The business graduate started his professional career by working in several companies to acquire experience and professional skills. The businessperson implies that life’s challenges were his best mentor and helped him learn how to achieve financial success by making an effort and trying hard. With professional experience from working for various companies in finance and management roles, he leveraged his expertise to establish multiple real estate development firms. These firms enabled him to invest in properties while helping others do the same in a way that aligned with their specific needs, budget, and objectives.

Manny Showalter aimed to make a difference with his experience to help others achieve financial success and avoid bad decisions. Showalter began his writing career by writing “A Blue Print for Financial Success” in 2010. He published a coming-of-age story about Robbie and Lauren, “The Cookie,” in 2017. The author wrote the book to help young women understand the contemporary environment and trends of experimentation and promiscuity without feeling isolated. “The Cookie” was written to emphasize the importance of waiting until the right age for sexual activity to reduce the potential for life-changing experiences. He wrote several other books, including “Self Made,” “The Cookie Diary,” and “Life Blueprint Academy,” to help readers make sound decisions. Authors and motivational speakers can significantly influence young adults by offering insights and advice. Manny Showalter also uses his books and the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation to help teens and young adults make the right choices.

Derek Robins

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