Passionate Architect Susana Merenfeld Weisleder – Making a Difference by Incorporating Jewish Mysticism into Architecture

Susana’s Merenfeld Weisleder Fusion of Spirituality and Design

Architecture is a creative art form requiring passion, devotion, dedication, and hard work. It is a field with a history of overcoming obstacles, following ambitions, and making a difference through unique and captivating design concepts. However, making a difference while overcoming challenges in the architectural world requires a never-ending quest for quality, innovation, uniqueness, and endurance. Architects must be relentless and committed to converting challenges into opportunities while developing innovative solutions to complicated design issues while combining various elements. Susana Merenfeld Weisleder is a prominent architect who combines elements of Jewish mysticism with architectural principles. Her approach enables the architect to develop unique designs that foster spirituality, sustainability, and a strong sense of community and belonging. The unique concept of combining architecture with Jewish mysticism enables Merenfeld Weisleder to develop aesthetically appealing buildings or structures that also radiate a spiritual feel.

Susana Merenfeld de Weisleder is a passionate architect. She recognizes that architecture is a soul-serving activity and is aware of its opportunities for people’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical development. Susana believes that the essential labor of spiritual growth and consciousness expansion can be accomplished through architecture. Merenfeld de Weislede has discovered an improved version of herself through her endeavors. She has used her knowledge of architecture as a mystical activity to design and construct community centers, synagogues and places of worship but also it applies to private residence and any kind project. Born in Venezuela on July 10, 1956, de Weisleder completed her early education in her hometown. She later attended the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, in Israel. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in architecture and town planning in 1979 before attending Stanford University in California. Merenfeld e Weisleder graduated from the university in 1982 with a master of science in infrastructure planning and management.

The architect started her professional career in 1982 and worked with several organizations in various roles for over four decades. Susana established her namesake architectural firm, Merenfeld Weisleder LLC, in 2008 and continues to lead the firm as the principal and director. The architect perceives that the spiritual understanding she has infused into them will significantly benefit those who inhabit them or use them for worship and connecting with God. Susana Merenfeld de Weisleder is a well-known architect with a diverse portfolio of completed projects worldwide. Her experience includes the design and supervision of community and cultural facilities, as well as residencial, commercial and industrial structures. She has also competed in numerous architectural contests and featured in several architectural periodicals.

Among her celebrated projects is the Jewish Community Center in San Jose, Costa Rica, a testament to her visionary approach, inaugurated in 2004. Susana’s commercial and industrial building designs include the Royce Corp main office in Aventura, Florida, which she designed and oversaw in 2017. Weisleder also handled the interior design for Yuzu, a yogurt franchise in Miami, Florida, in 2010. She has designed several high-end private residences in Venezuela, and Miami. in 2009 and the Electroshop headquarters in Los Cortijos de Lourdes, Venezuela, in 1998. In addition, in 1995, she created the Rescarven offices in Las Mercedes, Venezuela. In 1994, she designed the Epson-Seiko headquarters in Venezuela.

Merenfeld Weisleder competed in various prominent architectural competitions, including the World Zionist Village in the Negev, Israel where she received the People’s choice award, and now was invited to submit the RFQ (request for qualification) for this competition. Holocaust Museum Montreal competition in Canada in 2022, the Notre Dame Cathedral competition in Paris, France, in 2019, and the Jewish Museum Prague competition in 2018. She also competed in the Chateau Baron Rothschild Lafite wine cellar competition in France in 2020. Weisleder’s published works include pieces in architectural journals such as “Entrerayas” and “NMIDIGITAL,” as well as a mention of an honor award in the Second World War Competition Museum in Gdansk, Poland. She has also received several awards and mentions for her participation in architectural competitions, including the Mention of Honor award for the Morris Curiel Sephardic Museum in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1999, and the Mention of Honor award for the National Competition for Ideas “La Transformación del Cuartel San Carlos en Centro Nacional de Cultura” in Venezuela in 2000.

The architect is also affiliated with several professional associations and organizations. She is a National Council of Architectural Boards (NCARB) member, the American Institute of Architecture, and the Colegio Ingenieros de Venezuela. Some of the other affiliations include Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Asociación Venezolana de Ex-alumnos Stanford University, Colegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela, and Colegio de Ingenieros de Israel. Susana Merenfeld de Weisleder’s architectural career includes several completed projects, awards, and published works. Spirituality and Jewish mysticism are prominent and evident in almost all of de Weisleder’s projects due to her interest in spirituality. Susana Merenfeld de Weisleder is a passionate architect making a difference in the industry by incorporating Jewish mysticism into architecture.

Derek Robins

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