Hans Kennedy, Sales Impact

Hans Kennedy, Sales Impact

Hans Kennedy describes himself as an average guy with great self-esteem, who dedicated much of his life to hospitality. He acknowledges that most of what he learned was taught to him where he grew up in the community of Washington Heights, a small immigrant community at the upper tip of the island of Manhattan. 

He has been working in nightlife for over 10 years for some note-worthy companies in the hospitality sector such as Tao GroupButter Group, EMM Group, and venues such as Bagatelle in New York City.

His story is evidence of how he developed his skills in sales and event organ:

“One day I was organizing an event for a retired officer who was running for office to become the US House Representative for his district and decided to do the event at a very chic location at a very well-known lounge in the area. The day of the event the owner came to me and asked if I could produce an event like this again upon which I brushed it off and immediately told him that I have plans to become a politician one day and that would not be a good move for my career. After which the owner of the venue came back with a sizable offer to pay upfront even if the event would fail. At the time I needed the funds for my family who was going through financial turmoil and possible eviction from our home in the Bronx. I took the offer and put together the event.

My first event was very successful one week after the fundraiser. After the first event for the owner would up the stake and pay more. I have now been doing this for 12 years. Every year I make it my business to take it to the next level and do it at a more upscale place. In turn, I can completely say that I have worked for the biggest hospitality companies in New York and Los Angeles expanding to 16 employees and 26 high-end restaurants, lounges, and clubs”.

In 2017 he moved to Los Angeles to expand his hospitality business and started to take upon more exclusive events working with fashion models and big-name brands such as Chanel and Dior. He was someone the hospitality companies loved hiring for special events around Los Angeles such as the 1 Hotel grand opening in Los Angeles amongst many other events.

In January 2021, due to covid closures in LA and NY, Hans decided to move to Miami where he managed to get his real estate license. Something he says he always had a great interest in doing from his involvement in the housing of Scandinavian students for 8 years while still doing nightlife. His housing company provided housing for model agencies as well. He would occasionally get a call from one of his Wall Street clients to ask him if he would do the interior decoration for their apartments. “It was only natural for me to go into real estate as I used to take great pride in making people feel at home.” Today Hans Kennedy works for Carl Gambino and Associates in Miami via Compass. Carl Gambino is a renowned real estate agent in Los Angeles who specialized in finding and selling homes to A-List celebrities such as Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, and Jonas Brothers to name a few. 

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